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Hanoi Department of Transportation requires direct drug discovery of positive drug physicians

Medication is prohibited from conquering "lead row"

Today (January 22) is the 13th day Hanoi Department of Transportation requires car transport companies in a city to check health and reports of issues for all administrators at & # 39; e road.

At the request of the Transport Department, in periods ranging from 9 to 28 hours, all transportation companies must & # 39; co-ordinate a city with medical facilities that have the requirements of the Social Rights Ministry to implement healthcare control for administrators and implementation and close checks on tests of 4 types of addictive stimulants in the form of drugs such as: Morphin / Heroin, Amphetamine, Methamphentamine, Marijuana (marijuana).

"Transport companies need to conclude contracts immediately with administrators who guarantee health, especially positive for the above 4 narcotics," said Mr Vu Ha, deputy director of Hanoi Department of Transportation.

According to Mr. Ha, in Hanoi now there are 306 companies that have been transported by car, of which 172 companies carry guests, 60 intercity passenger carriers, 74 transport universities taxi. The total number of cyclists in these businesses contains tens of thousands of people. Information about the process for conducting health surveys for administrators at the request of the Transport Department, Mr. Have, instead of & # 39; supplying & # 39; a manager to the care control and bring the results, the Transport department has asked all companies. should contact contact details and include health services that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health, then investigate and return results to companies. From this result, companies report on control and monitoring.

Judging from the implementation state of transport companies after 13 days of deployment, Mr. Ha, most of the transportation companies are conform. Although January 28 is the definitive deadline, yesterday there was a tendency for units to send reports to complete the medical exam for the rerouting of the Department of Transportation. In these reports, the maladministration department, 2 units with administrators do not provide health and have positive drug results.

In a 472 health research organization with long-haul transportation company engines in & # 39; a Quang Minh Industrial Park (Ms. Linh), the company has discovered a fisherman that is positive for heroin. . After that, the results show that 3% of employees are not sufficiently sufficiently through health research in & # 39; e phase 1 of 2018 for 879 subjects of a taxi ferry based in Tay Ho District.

Detection drugs "stick" trains on Phap Van-Cau Gie highway

Towards the direction of & # 39; a state secretary of & # 39; Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh, on January 21, coordinates the Federal Police with the Drug Inspection Center of the Academy of Criminal Science (Ministry of Public Security) to process problem and test research. for truck drivers, contenders and longtraining coaches on Phap Van – Cau Gie Autobahn. After more than 2 hours of random control of trucks that fit through the Phap Van-Cau Gie's table, the working group discovered a counter-baker BKS 60C-204.61 and ran 60R-013.46 for positive drug testing. After trying a quick test result, the workgroup has made a record of temporary confirmation of the means and the testing of the test results. Through paperwork and verification at the tournament that the working group determined that the manager had positive positive results for drugs named Tran Van T. (SN 1974, in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province) Driving for Thien Tuan Loc Co., Ltd, address at 30 lot 9A – An Binh, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai living areas. In & # 39; the time of & # 39; An inspection (at 22 o'clock on January 21) ran driver T. dragon fruit from Long province to Lao Cai. According to the route, if not inspired by force, "doctor" finds drug T. tractor and the car will arrive in Lao Cai in the morning of January 22.

Speak with Tien Phong PV, Learning Captain Nguyen Quang Nhat, Deputy Head of Information, Communications and Regional Policy Research (Ministry of Public Security), said that along with the south gate, Phap Van – Cau Gie, is the days of coming to the Department or Traffic Police will continue teams of inspection and rapid testing of addictive agents for transport operators on many other expressways.

The Mr. Dao Viet Long, Head of Transportation Department, Hanoi of Transport says that in the time of 28 January the time is for transportation of companies to complete the report, after this time, the Transportation Department will coordinate with the Police and Health Department. Interdisciplinary working groups established to make 2 content. Firstly, interdisciplinary employment, test and fast-testing sifty substances with cyclists drive transportation transport at the port areas. Secondary check, "post-inspection" random, unexpected healthcare practitioner in transport companies to record reality and also compare with the results of companies that report it.

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