Saturday , June 3 2023

Gold prices today (15/11): awaiting new trends.


Yesterday's gold prices were temporarily neutral compared to yesterday and were facing a downward trend next week.

Gold prices today 14/11I sold about $ 1,202 an ounce until early morning. It did not change much compared to yesterday.

Gold prices temporarily fell yesterday but are facing a downward trend next week.

The price of this product is 1511 yen.
Gold prices remain at a low price.

Phil Streible, senior commodity strategist at RJO Futures in Chicago, said the weak dollar supports gold and many people are ready to buy precious metals for less than an ounce. The dollar index, which measures the strength of the greenback against the basket of major currencies, fell 0.4%.

In the international market, the dollar is "cooling" after setting the highest yesterday. The US dollar index fell to 97.03 in the morning in Asia, and hit a record high of 97.6 in the morning.

Peter Fung, chief trade officer of Wing Fung Precious Metals in Hong Kong, said gold continued to be affected by the stronger dollar.

According to Ronald Leung, a Hong Kong cheaper dealer, purchasing activity in the gold market is somewhat limited due to the strength of the dollar.

In the domestic gold market, Doji Jewelery Group was sold at 33.35 million VND and 34.45 million VND per ton. VND increased by 10,000 in both purchases and sales compared to late afternoon sessions.

Saigon Jewelry Company sold SJC gold price to VND 36.34 million VND (purchase) per tael and VND 36.50 million TAP (sales) to 20,000 VND.

The price of this product is 1511 yen. Today's Gold Prices (14/11): Dollar Strong, Gold Prices Fall

Gold prices today are down 14/11 and heading towards a low price of less than $ 1,200 / BTC in trading sessions.

The price of this product is 1511 yen. Gold prices (13/11): Still falling

Gold prices at 13/11 may even plummet and even fall below $ 1,200 to an ounce on a downhill course.

The price of this product is 1511 yen. Gold prices today (12/11): continued decline

Gold prices can not accept the low price threshold in the first week as 12/11 today regains momentum like last week …

The price of this product is 1511 yen. Gold price (10/11): Severe decline

Gold prices plummeted to $ 10.11 today, but did jump off to the last session this week.


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