Sunday , January 16 2022

Gasoline prices increased sharply, RON95 gasoline increased to almost 23,000 VND / liter


Gasoline prices rose sharply, RON95 petrol increased to almost 23,000 VND / liter - Photo 1.

Adjustment of petrol price from 15 hours to 11-10 – Photo: NK

Specifically increased E5RON92 petrol by 967 VND / liter, to 21,683 VND / liter; RON95-III petrol increased by 934 VND / liter, to 22,879 VND / liter.

0.05S diesel oil also increased by 959 VND / liter, to 17,545 VND / liter; kerosene increased by 979 VND / liter, to 16,622 VND / liter; fuel oil 180CST 3.5S increased by 517 VND / kg, to 17,097 VND / kg.

In order to have the above price, the operator had to stop setting up the price stabilization fund for RON95 petrol, diesel, kerosene; increase spending on the use of price stabilization funds for petrol products E5RON92 at a high level, spend money on diesel and kerosene products, so that the increase in domestic gasoline prices is lower than the increase in world gasoline prices.

Specifically, there are expenditures using price stabilization funds for petrol E5RON92 at 950 VND / liter (last period was 850 VND / liter), diesel oil at 150 VND / liter (not previously issued), kerosene at the level of 100 VND / liter (no expenses in the previous period); RON95 petrol and fuel oil are not spent.

According to the Bureau of Investigation, the increase in gasoline prices is due to the sharp rise in the price of finished petroleum products on the world market in the past period, as RON92 gasoline is used to make E5RON92 gasoline, which increased with $ 5,863 / barrel, equivalent to an increase of 7, 13% compared to the previous period; RON95 gasoline increased by 6,025 USD / barrel, equivalent to 7.15% increase in the previous period.

0.05S diesel increased by $ 8,269 / barrel, equivalent to an increase of 10.40% over the previous period; kerosene increased by $ 8,240 / barrel, equivalent to an increase of 10.33% over the previous period …

The time for setting up and issuing the fund for stabilization of gasoline prices for natural gas products applies from 3pm to 11-10am.

Thus, petrol prices have had 12 increases and 4 reductions, which have been the same since the beginning of February. This is the highest increase in 7 years.

Without tax cuts, it is difficult to control gasoline prices Without tax cuts, it is difficult to control gasoline prices

TTO – Not only strongly affected by the world price of petrol, the retail price of petrol in the country is extremely high and is expected to increase due to the burden of taxes and fees, accounting for 42-43% of the price structure. in this item.

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