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Four foreigners stole money from ATMs in the West


Ben Tre Provincial Council on 30/11 first exemplary procedure, Chong Ngai Fong (44 years old, Malaysian national) sentenced 14-year prison Use electronic means to perform the deed of compensation rights.

Jo Pham (48 years old, American), David Tee Cheng Meng (30, Malay national), Chua Ya Thiam (45 years old, Singapore) and three other merchants in Ben Tre and Bac Liao were imprisoned for 2 to 9 years .

Fong (left) and its capabilities. Photo: Hoang Nam

Fong (left) and his powers in court. Photo: Hoang Nam.

Seven defenders forced to compensate for the bank for more than 1.7 billion. Only four foreign affiliates who have received their punishment are being imported from Vietnam.

According to threat, end of 2017, Fong found Jo Pham in Malaysia. Fong said he could multiply data and facial cards to earn money on the ATMs so that both sides discussed how to fill money.

After recruiting more people, Fong organized to promote the communications how to install the card information in ATM keys.

This group contains hundreds of accounts on ATMs of many banks in Can Tho, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Ca Mau, Ho Chi Minh City. They made ATM cards powerless to withdraw more than 1.7 billion of bankruptcy.

Earlier March, over the next time, police found in Can Tho City two installers installed equipment to read information from ATM accountant in the district of Ninh Kieu. The cut is a device to read ATM card information, motorists, almost 20 million and three ATM cards. Both of them were 5 others.

The judge found that Fong is the leader, commander of the remaining and regional production of false cards, ruling about 1 billion. The remaining climbers were divided between 50 and 100 million VNDs.

Hoang Nam

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