Friday , July 30 2021

Feng-shui expert was found VND 700 million for saying that it was building as a "fruit fruit".

Feng-shui expert was found 700 million to say that the building was like a fresh fruit - Photo 1.

Image of the building complex is "critical" for fengshui in Beijing – Photo: REUTERS

According to the Quartz news site, the bun was just announced by the Chinese court over the weekend with the unrelated media company Zhuhai Shengun, to press a feng-shui expert's response to three undisclosed high-rise buildings in Beijing.

This is the design of the famous architect Zaha Hadid.

Feng-shui expert commented that the energy of these buildings & # 39; and & # 39; heartbreaking & # 39 ;, decided that the design of & # 39; s building risk & # 39; s risk renting for those who rent it.

This article published to & # 39; was spread very quickly before they were deleted.

These experts also compared the design of the building to "fruit fruit", which is considered "a Chinese culture".

The incident caused SOHO China, the developer of the office complex, to raise an objection to Zhuhai Shengun Company and the decision of the court was on its side.

Developers accuse the content of content that makes it difficult to sell their office space in their Wangjing SOHO complex.

According to SOHO China, it averages $ 66 million a year in this office lease complex.


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