Monday , January 30 2023

Federer lost to ATP Finals.


Federer scored low on the ATP final and lost to Nishikori with two sets (7-6, 6-3). Switzerland did not have a good ball in this game, and he hit 34 errors, folds, half of his opponent. Federer lost two halves to his opponent in front of the break point.

The Swiss veteran has been warned by Damien Steiner in the 12th game. "He thought I was angry, and now I'm lost and angry," Federer said of the warning.

Nishikori wins his first win with Federer since 2014.

Nishikori wins his first win with Federer since 2014.

Fererer had his first serve in the second round of Robin's round, and he was quick to win the game forward. Nishikori did not have much trouble with the Japanese handball game, and he was flat to put pressure on Federer.

In the twelve miss-break game, both players had to break the tie-break. Federer broke the success of the mini-brakes in the second and third rounds and gave them a 6-1 lead. The Swiss attempt could not help him, and Nishikori finished the game with a 7-4.

As soon as the first game of the second set started, Nishikori broke the game. Federer is not likely to take a break, saying he will take a break in the second game. Japan continues to hold a second break in six matches ahead of 4-2. Nishikori, who won the game, played another game. He won 2-1 and 6-3 in Federer.

Failed to play in the first game

Failed to play in the first game

"I am very satisfied with the championship and it is never easy to face an idol, it is a great challenge to deal with him all the time, so it is better to win today." Nishikori Nishikori said that after Nashal left the tournament due to injury, Said.

Nishikori's victory over Federer was unexpected. FedEx won its first win in four years. Nishikori's next opponent will win Thiem (6-3 7-6 (10) first game). Nishikori and Anderson's winner will soon win the semi-final.

"I had to change something against him, I lost two times against him in two months, I feel good, I have good forehand and good offense," Nishikori said.

Federer must face Thiem. The defeat will say goodbye to the ATP Final. It will face the pressure of the second game coming up both by Thiem and Federer.


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