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Ethnic controversy, she is bread of H & N, Nu Fashion


Thursday 22 November 1818 09:50 (GMT + 7)

After a long thought, ultimately, the traditional costume that H & # 39; Hen Never has been set in Miss Universe 2018 is also set.

Ethnic debate sells them from Hen - 1

Ethnic clothing from H & N Niet affluent dietary foods.

On November 22, H & N threw Nien three designs for national costumes that were the beautiful people in Miss Universe 2018. In these, the costumes inspired by eating – foods Idyllic is the last option, compared to the other two designs: a set of scenes recreate the famous Hoi An old city and a reminiscent memorial to the heroic image.

Banh Bat's launch of Ethnic Clothes had many reactions from the online community with a variety of comments. Compared to the designs that have been hired earlier, this exercise is very successful. If the original is a red T-shirt, with high wall & # 39; Include, the design is changed with breastpiece. Continuing beautiful naked shoemakers full of atmosphere with hands fixed, the result of training hard work.

Stylist Tran Dat, the ever-ever "shoulders on shoulder" is shared with H & N thinks Nang: "There is a change to get the old article comment from people to improve, but retains the spirit and skeletons of the design. Changing is just the most complete. And to think, to deserve to take international surveys, there are also more investments, investment needs.

In fact, if it was ready, the sensitive parts or the first and the other had a horizontal cup. Myseling came just right and not much time. The other part is that with a great deal of detail about what will be wearing clothes will give you a shameful feel of & # 39; the result and the animal. "

Ethnic Debate to sell H & H Bread - 2

She was excited to break the bread on the stage.

Ethnic Debate to sell H & H brea - 3

This will be the performance that has never been launched in Miss Universe 2018 stage.

On the side of the fans, many reactions included, the regret for the rebound of # 39; The other two colors, the part of National Costume Banh Banh "arm". Even there are reactions of foreigners, with the content: "I think that a butterfly is full of wings or a heart? Bread is a massage product in Vietnam and many people in the world know it, it seems to be a major concern because the first impression is the most important thing . " The reaction has received great sympathy from Internet Internet.

In addition, dissonant shock is the second problem that the Internet community wants to want to never change. Everyone else designing humor use the shoe in the Xin Man's ethnic clothing from Le Hang replacement will be more perfect. Or, vulnerable style is also a point where obviously worried about wonderful people.

As a comment for this comment, Expression H & N also sharpen his views on the event: "In essence, H & G wants to change their image in different styles to find out what they have." It is not good, not perfect, but not good, not perfect. Just as human beings need to be promoted a little bit. "

5 people in 10, the national costume is also set more than anyone else, H & NH; Nothing wanted to get the support of fans to reach the highest results, get positive energy to follow responsibility The burden on the shoulders .

Ethnic debate gives Brea of ​​Hien - 4

In comparison to the original, the costumes are minimalist in detail.

Ethnic debate will sell H & H's bread - 5

Ethnic costumes received more praise.

Extend of new love routes from New Miss Universe

Miss Pia Alonzo is said to have a special affection for a male singer.

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