Sunday , April 18 2021

ESPN appreciates the development of Vietnamese football

In a recent article, ESPN argued that football plans in Southeast Asia should learn the rapid progress of a Vietnamese football.

Vietnamese football is a valuable example for Southeast Asia

Vietnamese football is growing faster with Coach Park Hang Seo. Through a team of talented players and a knowledgeable and experienced coach, our teams have made consistent acclaim in an international arena.

The quality of the bike number and the ESPN can also be affected by the & # 39; qualification match; reach the 2018 Cup. In a recent article, ESPN author John Duerden praised the Red Army.

    ESPN appreciates the development of Vietnam's photos
ESPN appreciates the development of Vietnamese football

The writer wrote: "The defeat of the Green Samurai players will probably be the best result in Southeast Asian football history, but independent of outcome, this is still a successful tournament of Vietnam".

John Duerden also said that other South Asian countries need Vietnamese skills to savor in a future.

"The Vietnamese team is now the most energy-saving team in Southeast Asia and more effort than ever. Part of the development teaches how to win & # 39; and this 60-year-old coach has knowledge for current Vietnam knowing, and what's more important, believe they can win.

Rare has a Southeast Asian national as a success in Asia. There is no secret, only persistence and hard work – the formula can be replicated in places like Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, "said ESPN's writer.

Minh Long (TTVN)

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