Saturday , October 1 2022

Education for clarification of national education


The Drafting Board therefore modified the flexibility to decentralize national administrative responsibilities in the education sector of the government.

The draft law stipulates unified education management. employment State Administration About government-designated education; The ministries and ministry-level agencies should cooperate with the ministries assigned to the state administration on education and perform state administration according to the competence of the state.

The public school model provides quality education. Members of parliament should address the state's responsibility for education, and the public at large should ensure conditions for public education and upbringing.

In the case of the high quality public education model, the service fee is charged to the general education level learner, taking into account the efficiency of the state budget investment of this model.

Governments should thoroughly research the public school system to create a fair and friendly school environment, which should not require early education institutions to provide quality education services. The public education department developed by people's private educational institutions to mobilize community participation and social participation in this model.

In this regard, the institutional committee seriously accepted the opinions of the National Assembly to shape the spirit of the constitution. The state has a policy to discover talented students and to develop talent.

For quality education, the state should adopt policies to encourage the development of private schools and schools with foreign elements, and the drafting committee shall not review and prescribe good quality nursery school education. A favorable and equal school environment To draft the bill to ensure the fulfillment of conditions for public education and upbringing personnel.

The capital law provisions apply to pre-school institutions and excellent general education institutions in Hanoi.

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