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East Timor: Two Disasters and Surprise Drama (AFF Cup)


Wednesday, November 14, 2014 00:08 (GMT + 7)

Soccer Results, Soccer Results, Indonesia Tel – Timor Leste, Second leg of the AFF Cup 2018) The battle of "fire pot" Gelora Bung Karno took place almost without a doubt. Super and blame marks blame the defense of the team.

Indonesia Video – East Timor (NextMedia clip, VTC broadcast):

After losing 0-1 in Singapore B's first game AFF Cup 2018, Indonesia returned to Gelora Bung Karno in the capital Jakarta with the determination to "vent" from East Timor. However, the home team suffered intense resistance from a small opponent 0-7 days ago in the "exposed shirt" to the Thai defending champion.

Indonesia - East Timor: two disasters and a dramatic mistake (AFF Cup) - 1

Indonesia woke up when goals scored before Gelora Bung Karno, before signing the opponent.

Timor Leste was a team that started a confident attack. Since then, however, support for nearly 90,000 home fans in Indonesia and the "fire pot" Gelora Bung Karno in "stately" locations has been gradually restored.

However, in the 44th minute the situation was unfortunate as the island team threw the ball at a very fast turn in Pranata's penalty area. East Timor was lucky in the first half but was worthy of the Indonesian national team.

In the second half, visitors continued to amaze the other on the engine. In the 48th minute Rufino Gama scored for Timor Leste. However, a personal mistake that broke the team at Tsukitate Norio. A 60-minute strike from Alfath Fathier of Fagio Pereira equalized Indonesia.

Stefano Lillipalli, who missed the game in the 68th minute with a one-minute penalty after Old Mario scored an ankle-bumman defensive approach, ended the task of bringing the team home for the first time. The first lead

In the 82nd minute Beto went in the right direction, winning 2-0 in a home match against Indonesia to dispel hope for the next round. Thailand. And Timor Lest two losses against Thailand and Indonesia, almost ending despite two matches between the Philippines and Singapore on November 17 and 21, respectively.

Final: Indonesia 3-1 East Timor (Half time score 1-1)


Indonesia : Fathier 60, Lilipaly 69 (penalty), Beto 82 & # 39;

East Timor: Rupinho 48 & # 39;

Starting Lineup:

Indonesia : 26 Andritans Ardh political 23 Hansamu Pranata 11 Gavin Adsit 16 Fachrudin Aryanto 6 Evan Dimas 8 Muhammad Hargianto 21 Andik 3 Alfath Fathier 13 Febri Haryadi 29 Septian Maulana 9 Beto

East Timor: 20 Pazio Ferreira 13 Mario 3 Jose Guterres Silva 14 Adelino Tridend 18 Junior Da Costa 6 Nathaniel Reyes 15 Armino Correa Allemida 19 Feliciano Noonkolves 8 Joao Pedro 10 Henry Cruz 7 Rufino Range

Game stats:



East Timor

18 (4)

Shoot the target.

14 (5)



Corner penalty


Vietnamese flavor


Ball time control


yellow card


Red card



Video, Filipino football results - Singapore: doubles match (AFF Cup 2018)

The Philippines, where Eriksson arrived, played a very decisive role before the Sing King of Singapore.

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