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"Earn money on heart" by taking advantage of & # 39; things everyone can explain to get rich – market

Sunday 20 January 2019 05:00 (GMT + 7)

Herne is the maize season. The corn to the pluck will have many cores and is often used to cook the kitchen. But indeed, corn cobs have many effects, and you can use it to earn more than one hundred million euros each year.

Within the house of Truong's house in Dai Thanh, in a province of Ha Nam, a regular house of the house that grows eastern states with more than 10 acres, each pilgrim is very large and complete, as if eyes. Madam Truong has said that most families in the village are growing, after the ringing is over, all of them are full of cherries, their house is no exception, but they do not want to throw them away! Most farmers often use corn cobs to print or compost dryers.

But Mrs Truong could not use the core to cook the head or compost; in her eyes the kitchen was a treasure. They wore the corn cobs and threw them into small bags, and spit them into the mushroom they plant, so the pills became very fast, even for a while, big and thick. She sells her for 5 yuan ½ kg (about 17 thousand VND), each time customers have to buy their pills.

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For Zhang, corn is a treasure

In fact, sugary, cotton seed, cotton chips, stripe, bagasse, corn cobs, corn sticks, peanuts, bean sticks … can be used to grow flip-flops. However, in order to make a high offer and good quality, it is necessary to add a suitable amount to the table, fire, gypsum powder and superphosphate.

Nutritional formula for corn from corn: 90% corn starch, 9% rice bran, 1% lime. First make the dry ingredients and add a suitable amount of water and stir.

In 2018, Ms. Zhang is investing a total of 170,000 yuan (about 580 million VND), again 3 green households, bought dredging machines, business parks, mixers and other facilities and plants. About 30,000 oyster mushrooms. It can be said that all the hassles and strains of theirs are pleasing, bringing 30,000 cases of oyster pillars to their profits of more than 100,000 yuan (about 300 million VND).

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The oyster starboard pie is provided by the tavern of Truong's family

Mrs. Truong also informed that in 2019 the number of green households will be extended to 7 houses, the estimated annual profit being at least 250,000 yuan (about 800 million VND).

In fact, the countryside is a place where you can get it rich. It is not hard to get rich by making agriculture, do it with your heart and effort, and be rewarded.

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