Friday , July 30 2021

Did Nguyen Van Toan really fly faster than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Win & # 39; s 3-2 win against Quang Ninh in & # 39; A 5th round of V.League in 2019, Nguyen Van Toan made a highlight with a double goal of two phases to cope with this quickly.

Van Toan has so far been known for his ability to move quickly, and with two fast-paced phases in the last game, experts have Vietnamese strikers at & # 39; set a table to compare with superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Everything by trying

Although there is no precise, specific measurement tool, but based on the basic physics formula with three factors: average, time and average speed, one can adjust the same way. for the cut that made it into the last game.

The calculation is as follows: Take the distance from the starting point of From & # 39; s decide to the last position where & # 39; it decides the goal by dividing from & # 39; the time of & # 39; e saving. Specifically:


First, Van Toan took 4 seconds to move a distance of about 35 meters. The average speed at which he reaches this goal is 8.75m / s, similar 31.5km / h.

On the second goal, Van Toan beat 5 seconds to understand & # 39; s middle of & # 39; e pitch, until he hit the shot within 16m50. Show his saving in this case is 49.3 meters, so the speed at which he is reached is determined 35.49 km / h.

Of course, the top figure is only relative. If there is a sufficient measurement tool or organization, Van Toan will probably be in the list of the fastest players in & # 39; called a world.

According to world football statistics, the maximum speed of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is 33.6 km / h Theo Walcott (former Arsenal star) is 32.7 km / h.

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