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"Declaration" Da Nang is elected in 2019 as the most valuable point in the world – Tourism

Sunday 20 January 2019 10:00 (GMT + 7)

Today in & # 39; list of 52 destinations in & # 39; a world in 2019 that the prestigious newspaper of the US-New York Times was, Da Nang was praised as Miami of Vietnam.

Speaking of the center of Vietnam's capital, the New York Times wrote: "Da Nang – Vietnam's largest city – which is known to tourists as the gateway to Hi An's world Cultural heritage But in recent years, Da Nang has become popular and is being changed to Miami by Vietnam.

By starting a day in Danang with a touched feeling as in the cold water in the No Nuoc beach, the bow just stops and a little stop on the Korean brand stops. At noon, the famous Marble Mountains, national-level monuments (called signed by Prime Minister Decision No. 1820 / QD-TTg), will explore temple complexes and pagoda them to the beach. My beach in the distance.

In & # 39; night is both sides of & # 39; a Han River bright and spectacular and dark to earn Da Nang – the city of bridges. Take a stroll to enjoy Da Thanh's genetic noodles at a street restaurant.

"Da Nang – Vietnam's largest city – is well-known to tourists as the gateway to Hi An's world cultural heritage.

According to statistics from the Tourism Cities department. Da Nang: With the exceptional development in the last 10 years and the appearance of many unique tourist projects and products, Da Nang always has the top name in & # 39; a list of & # 39; experiences in and out. weather.

Da Nang has also attracted tourists with many unique tourist products and world-famous festivals, DaNang tourism has grown steadily over the years. The average annual growth of tourists to Da Nang in the period 2015-2018 reached 18.26%.

In 2018, the total number of tourists will be found at Danang at 7,660,000, an increase of 15.5% compared to 2017. With exceptional growth of one year, new attractive tourist products appear quietly. Buildings of large companies, Da Nang expects 9.5 million visitors in 2019.

In addition to the dynamic and youthful development, Da Nang still retains, preserves and promotes historical relics with many human values ​​and profound meaning. These are the proofs that Da Nang's heroic past is mostly common and the Vietnamese people in general.

International fireworks festival is for the first time running among the 5 most typical cultural events in 2018 and Golden Bridge in the Sun World Ba Na Hills bringing Danang continuation round to the favorite favorite destinations of tourists in & # 39; beyond the world. .

10 kilometers northeast of Da Nang, the Son Tra peninsula is considered a primary old forest in the heart of & # 39; a young city, with a rich and diverse nature reserve. From the top of the chessboard on the peninsula you can see the whole city of Da Nang with My Khe beach running long.

The moment to visit the centers of Son Tra often takes the whole morning or noon. The points to try if you come here must mention: Linh Ung Pagoda with a 67m high Quan Quan Am Bodhisattva Buddha statue, an old multi-tree with more than 800 years old …

In 2018, in particular, another "tourist destination" was included, a new symbol that should not be missed is the Golden Bridge in the Sun World Ba Na Hills, built by Sun Group, Mei Da Nang in & # 39; run from & # 39; a world continuates the favorite favorite destinations of tourists.

In addition, the Da Nang international fireworks festival with an annual, large-scale investment has become an international tourist magnets in every summer holiday.

On January 12, the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (VHTTDL) announced the top 10 cultural, sporting and tourist events in 2018. Danang International Fireworks Festival 2018 (DIFF 2018) First enter into 5 most representative cultural events 2018.

In recent years, Da Nang has become increasingly popular in the country and internationally by tankers and tourist destinations, which they "cannot miss".

On January 19, Da Nang, Deputy of Culture and Sport, also said that the Lunar New Year's Eve 2019 will find Da Nang City engaging in many interesting cultural and artistic activities for Tet. Original moon magazine 2019.

Specifically, Da Nang authorities have invested 5.4 billion VND from a city budget to cover the Ky Ho Lunar New Year's Eve, human and visitor locations.

Dance of street festival in Lunar New Year is also a special cultural activity that attracts tourists. This is a program in the series of festival cultural activities on both sides of Han River to nominate masses, interior and foreign tourists to visit tourism in Da Nang at Tet.

Mostly deep in many generations, it has been a part of the cultural and spiritual life of people. Coming to a Tetra at the end of the year is not only for stores, but also for the feeling of being the whole free sphere.

To contribute to the preservation and preservation of a unique traditional culture; At the same time, he wants visitors and locals to have an interesting and meaningful experience, Da Nang Museum will organize a Tet brand through the "New Market" program on an occasion of the Lunar New Year 2019.

We don't know where we're going, Ban Co peak climbs to get to Danang

Table tags were originally called "the first place" in the lower world, so the visitors are fascinated here …

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