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Chinese wooden mass cockroach "turn" in the domestic market

Monday, 10/12/2015 17:30 PM (GMT + 7)

After the tracks of truck, PV Traffic reported badly a birdlike, smoked egg.

Chinese wooden massage smoked & # 34; 1

Chinese dog smoked by the small.

In short, on the road from Langson National Highway 1 to the provinces of Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hanoi … often several small waves quickly, overcome and drift continually changing control By continuing through the patrol stations of functional forces. Following the tracks of these bicycles, PV Newspaper Traffic found a line of fake, bird-gulls from China to Vietnam smoked.

Replace the number in 10 seconds …

At 1am, from the center of Long Son City, travel PV Newspaper Traffic on the car 1 to Bac Giang, Bac Ninh to follow the two camels BKS 89C-144.34 and 12C-078.39. Dense misty roads with hazardous ties, but these two cars are still fast with speeds of about 100 km / h.

It is located about 2 km from the Tung Dien Municipality Police Station (Chi Lang district, Lang Son Province). VTD sender, a professional sender who has gone this route, said: The drive to the water is to wait for "pigs" ("watchers") function to "set" or to drive the car "suicide" or end.

"The cost of epidemic prevention is alleged, the problem is how local use, how effective or not, many places have opened the sophisticated options, making slippers for carriers. This is a problem by police, grenadiers, habits, veterinarians and especially local authorities should be put in place. Inspection, local reports on the prevention of smuggling are good, but later the rye still found.

Mr. Nguyen Van Trong
Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry Department
(Ministry of Agriculture and National Development)

After a waiting period two cameras continue to stay and the station Tung Dien CSGT easily. At present, the reporter found that the station was not far away from the car Kia's white auto-styled signals pull the "key" for the camera engine.

Followed by two trucks to the gas station area of ​​Luong Bridge (PV Giang province), PV reported that in just 10 seconds, the directors offered the new CC to two trucks. The control car of the car 89C-144.34 as "sandwich" BKS 98H-3947, the other car also connected a new CC. The driver changed the CC at the beginning and end of the car, while the CC with noble on both sides of the car; The car (like BKS truth) is still in status.

According to information from professional directors, the Lang Soun – Hanoi route runs, gas station at the Luong Bridge is the famous address of this truck. Not only will the new car be changed, but also the "law" with the car "Waiting" for the car runs. Any truck like this will usually pay for "preserve" 500 to 600 thousand VND per trip.

At the border between Bac Giang and Bac Ninh, the drivers will continue, and in 10 seconds the process of closing the license plate from the gas station near the Luong Bridge completed and the first administration letter returned when they arrived Long Soun.

PV followed the camera BSC 89C-144.34 to Thuy Thanh, buanipal Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh. Here was the car at the base of a man named Manh who gave the same bird. At present, the car body BSC 89C-144.34, within the broiler is fully fed in about 30 minutes. The cameras told the car that the CC of Lang Sone changed to the northern provinces, especially for hats, antennas and birds of Chi Ma area, Loc Binh district, the Long Soun province.

Chinese wooden massage smoked & # 34; in a cock inside - 2

The car board 89C-144.34 "bracket" has added BKS 98H-3947 the functional forces on Langson's journey to Bac Giang, Bac Ninh on & # 39; to defeat the National Highway 1.

Importance of imported gevulensparadise

Reporter of Ferkear has kept in Chi Ma – Lang Sone 2 weeks to make smuggling home about the border. The area around 1228, 1229 … in near Na Phat, Na Quan, Yen Khoai neighborhood in & # 39; The night of the night begins hundreds of motorcycles with hundreds of people in & nbsp; the illegal bird flew. Thousands of people wear bunnies, foods, eggs and birds spread over many trails to the collecting area. Long wait for motorists to "good eyes" to load loads on trucks. Forests in Chi Ma, even in the middle of & # 39; night, always shine and light.

A woman who has regularly tasted about the border said that paying for any cross-border was 70,000 VND. The "dog" that is transported by motorists after the transfer point will get 300 thousand per trip. Grassroots are put on cars in places such as Ban Di, Pa Qua, Long Dau, Mau Sels, and Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hanoi … A motorcycle can carry 1,700 to 1,800 birds . For a 750kg carriage too much with such 30,000 free breeds, 13-14 must wear a motorcycle.

Chinese wooden massage smoked & # 34; in a cock inside - 3

The seedlings are transferred to Chi Co (Chi Ma) to prepare for footsteps.

When the long-haired Chi Lang – Lang Sansfullhutte was left, PV was hurrying from & # 39; The pirates were wounded, the rummaging of the pirate aircraft was not far from the station, patrolling the functional forces. Even the "corners" also illegally transported homes for the border of control without control, control (?!)

By investigation, smuggling in Chi Ma – Lang Sone here costs from July 3-5 per child, then the sweat is sold from 10 to 17 thousand per child.

Speaking to traffic news report No 9/12 heard Mr Nguyen Van Trong, deputy director of the distribution of # 39; (MARD), that the country is still concerned with the needs of breadfish; Chicken price in the country is also not much difference in comparison to import. "The demand for land in the country is not large, but only 2 months Tet, the average price is only 5-6 thousand per child. The removal of herds from China is likely to be This activity does not only change the risk of irregular disease problems, but also affects the production of inland feasts, "said Trong.

According to Deputy General Director, when Tet, cold water is the most likely breakthrough of avia-flu. In addition, colonized homes in China are also close to the borders of Vietnam's provinces. Uncontrolled, preventing the feasibility of feeding cows and currants, this is probably a source of epidemic in the country. "In the case of a dangerous epidemic, China is a continuous control, building hard barriers and installing surveillance cameras in the meantime, despite the fact that the government and MARD still have regular documents to address the borders of provinces Prevention and control, especially at the end of the year, but the government is still limited, especially through the open, "said Trong, remarkable.

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