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China has 3 tons of cash.


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Attached Institution 2, Tianjin Prosecutor's Office decided to arrest Li Xiaojun under the law. This case is under investigation. "On October 15, the Chinese Central Supervisory Commission decided that the Commission for Discipline Inspection would send Lai Xiaobian a" double taxation "(government and civil service deportation) It exchanges the right of love, abuses the fallen corruption indiscriminately, and morally corrupts.

In order to reach a decision to discipline Lai Xiaojun, the FDA decided in April 2018 to conduct an investigation after a rumor of "100 secretaries per 300 people." (100 lovers, 100 houses, 100 relationships). Investigators deposited 3,105 kilograms of cash worth 2.7 million yuan ($ 391 million) in the People's Court. If stacked together, face value of 100 yuan face value more than 3 cubic meters.

But it is just "the tip of the iceberg". On November 9, the "Economic Observatory" newspaper reported that Lai Xiaojan's case, where hundreds of people were involved, can not complete the investigation within the next three years. According to the report, the two men approached the investigation of the revealed events. The assets of Lai Xiayi amounted to RMB 1.6 billion ($ 560 billion) related to the case. Other valuable assets that he owns as real estate are not included.

One of them, from April 1818 to the present, "in economic observation," said a large number of people abducted by Lai have a relationship with him. Back in the country, the struggle against corruption in the banking currency actually began. "Based on the number of people involved in the event, the investigation is unlikely to be completed by three years."

Lai Kid was born in 1962 in the 12th National Assemblyman (Jiangxi) (2013-2018). In 1983, I graduated from the Economic Planning Department of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and worked at the central bank. Since the establishment of the China Banking Supervision Association in 2003, the supervision Bureau of the Beijing Municipal Bureau, the secretary of the Party,

Lai Xiaojun left the bank supervision system, which had been transferred to the Supervisory Board and the director since the appointment as the Chairman Secretary of the Party Committee and Huatong Asset Management Company of China since September 2012 (China Huarong Asset Management) It is a subsidiary of the State Council, a nonprofit asset and portfolio management organization. After acquiring Huaping's leadership, the company's assets continued to grow. By the end of 2017, total assets amounted to 1.87 billion yuan ($ 27 billion), fixed assets amounted to 181.6 billion yuan, and net profit in 2017 reached 26.6 billion yuan. 2016 is 184th among the 500 strongest companies in China.

When Lai Xiaolan was expelled from the party, he was accused of receiving a bribe and to make Huaruan away from the main job is to invest bad debt "blind opening, business is not orderly". From 2014 to 2017, Hoa Dung issued $ 50 billion worth of USD bonds.

Hoa Dung risked her company by promising high interest as she used financial incentives borrowed from banks at low interest rates and handed over purchase and loan interest. After Lai Xiaozhen received notice of investigation for 18/18, according to the financial website, the total debt of the Hoa Dung Company fell by 38.7% immediately, the share price of the company on the stock market up to 1.680 billion yuan.

Thailand explained about more than 100 relationships, including Lai Xia of over 120 families and bloody politicians, businessmen and bankers. And there are more than 100 hostesses in the company, including dozens, "There are female stars that everyone knows."

According to Daughter of 9/11, one of the researchers said that many of the women who Lai Xiaon "exchanged the right to identity" are female employees of the company. "I'll take care of her because she has a sexy photo in the file she's sitting in and she's sending it to Ray," she said.

Lai also expressed the beautiful "Ga-Lang". 100 of the more than 120 houses were donated to ex-girlfriends and lovers, making it the "Eden Garden" that frequented the festival. It is not hard to imagine that more than 100 governments and ex-women have enough members and status to live in harmony.

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