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Barriers on the sidewalk in Hanoi prevent people from # the opposite direction


From 6.30 pm on November 26th, early morning rush hour, people followed to take a motorcycle on foot until To Huu (Hanoi) has no return.

This road in front of and after the crossing Mo Lao (Ha Dong) is still sustainable storm. Thousands of cyclists try three tracks, including a selected express bus.

Many people have reduced the pavement to the opposite side, not inexpensively in & # 39; the opposite direction and right back to the right. Some other people were expelled on the sidewalk of # 39; the previous crossing, but the barricade had to come back.

A motor in the opposite direction goes to the door to To Huu, after the barrier can not move forward. File: Gia Chính

A motor in the opposite direction goes to the door to To Huu, after the barrier can not move forward. Photo: Gia Chinh

In the morning, some people still tried to get in the opposite direction by leaving the route, at the edge of & # 39; to attach the stove or by the media bar of expression of # to conquer the buses to fit the road; This has made the traffic through this local chore.

"My child studying in a secondary school, if the right time is still 30 minutes, I know that this is not the right way, but to prevent the crime," said a resident.

[Caption]Many of the weeks went by the intersection of Mo Lao and carried out the media report of # Bus stop and crossed the opposite road to prevent traffic jams.

On November 26, many people took the bus stop and took the opposite way to prevent traffic. Photo: Gia Chinh

The authorities mobilize 8 traffic policemen standing at the junction of To Huu – Trung Van.

"At peak towns of the first day of the week there is no basis for people who ride the stairs by the city, but with some poorly conscious people it is not necessary to deal with it to edit, said head of ECG No 7.

Some people still go to the opposite direction. File: Gia Chính

Some people pass awareness in the street under the road as the barrier. Photo: Gia Chinh

According to the representative of traffic jams, the installation of plates on the pavement at To Huu street is only a temporary one. In & # 39; In the near future, the authorities should try to discuss ways to reduce traffic in the area. This.

Huu Lo Division of the Mo-Lao junction to Luing De Vinh Turnpike is the main gate associated with Nam Tu Liem, suburban districts with Thanh Xuan, Ha Dong and Cau Giay districts. This road is 3 km long and traffic is high.

The funds go to Pham Hung Street to go to the target and then switch to the crossroads, or regularly go to the crossroads of 'Khuat Duy Tien and go along this line of storm. To save time and to save storm, many cars went up to ± 1 km in the direction of 19 To Huu and conquered the area of ​​Trung From village to Pham Hung Street.

Good opposite clock will prevent traffic accident and time will change.

The disaster of construction often changes the car's in the other way.

After the time of people driving in the opposite direction, making the traffic jam the peak time, the crossing to Huu – Trung Van was added to traffic safety & # 39; the floor. To be avoided, people change "tactic" after driving.

From November 24 night Hanoi added or 40 m barricades on the street to To Huu Street. On November 22nd November the authorities installed more than 40 meters of one meter high barricades, 10 frameless horizontal stones in & nbsp; the neighborhood of Mo Lao cross. The total length of the barrier is more than 80 m.

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