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Asian magazines compare Quang Hai to Messi, talk the sharp weapon – 24h Football

Tuesday 22 January 2019 19:05 hour (GMT + 7)

FOX Sports Asia says Quang Hai's free step style is very similar to Lionel Messi.

Quang Hai's dangerous free feet

Bicycle Number Tel has one of the most talented stars ever, when Quang Hai's technique is widely recognized by many international media signatures or even the original French player. Bicycle tour Yohan Cabaye. It is not surprising that after this Asian Cup Quang Hai remain invitations from foreign clubs.

Asian magazines compare Quang Hai to Messi, praise the sharp weapon - 1

Messi and Quang Hai, two styles of retirement

The biggest mark of the start of his tournament is a beautiful air path that emerges in Yemen in a group stage. Quang Hai's trusted left-back free feet have already been a terrible weapon and have created a unique moment, including a classic goal against Uzbekistan U23 in China and defeated a kick Laos at the AFF Cup 2018.

FOX Sports Asia sold Quang Hai's free style style to Barcelona's Lionel Messi, the way and round the spin of shots. She considers Quang Hai as "Vietnam Messi" and the dead ball with Quang Hai's legs is the biggest weapon for Vietnam.

The former Premier League star has something special about Quang Hai, a million of them

Vietnam Tel and Quang Hai received the message of Vietnamese star Cabaye.

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