Saturday , May 28 2022

AFF Cup Final 2018


VIDEO: Thailand 4-2 Indonesia

Vietnam seeks to experience Thailand's lessons

In # app to check between & # 39; a Vietnam Football Association and the airlines, the Park Hang-seo teacher specialized in the direction of Bacolod City to play semi-final half-final AFF.

Speaking about the morning three trips to Bacolod, we should create Thailand. The troops of Milovan Rajevac arrived in Bacolod City just in time for high purity Hurricane Toraji.

In Manila came the morning of 19/11, but Thailand had to stay here one night to prevent the storm when the afternoon was fled. Until midnight 20/11, Thailand is announced at the hotel Seda.

Coach Milovan Rajevac went straight to the press conference at the station. Thai players have been around 24 hours to know the pitch and change the rain by Typhoon Toraji on the day of & # 39; a match.

Non-stopfings in the current context meet the professional requirements of & # 39; Vietnamese coaches. Things were good for visitors to Usagi and the weather in Bacolod was very pleasant.

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10h today VFF open sale 20,000 tickets Vietnam – Philippines

General Secretary Le Hoai Anh said VFF expects to sell 40-50% of tickets (approximately 20,000 tickets) via online ticketing in four places:;; en

To buy tickets, try the fans one of the above sites and pay through domestic ATM, credit card … Each person can buy once with ID / Citizen Card, the maximum number of tickets for 1 person / order is 4 Cards with the same numerical value. Vietnam – Philippines cards for cards of four numbers: 200-300-400-500 thousand.

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