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9 people were arrested by the ministry of public security in the MobiFone-AVG deal

On the deal of MobiFone Telecom Corporation to buy from 95% shares of the Global Audiovisual Joint Stock Company – AVG, the Ministry of Public Security has continued and confirmed timely detention. 9 accused.

9 people were arrested by the Ministry of Public Security in a MobiFone-AVG deal - 1

Nine people were arrested by the Ministry of Public Security in a MobiFone AVG deal.

Specifically, on July 10, 2016, the bureau has declared a decision to pursue a criminal case on the beliefs of management arrangements and the use of public investment capital, causing serious consequences in MobiFone and applications. related position.

At the same time, CQĐT has decided to promote the visit, Mr Le Nam Tra (former chairman of MobiFone's Board of Members) and Pham Dinh Trong (head of the Enterprise Management Department – Department of Informatics and Communication) on the above mentioned offended.

Still with this crime, the Ministry of Public Security CSDT claim was judged and four other injuries preserved, such as Cao Duy Hai (formerly CEO of MobiFone), Pham Thi Phuong Anh (Deputy Director General of MobiFone), Nguyen Bac Son and Truong Minh Tuan ( two former information and communication minister).

On April 12, 2016, in the process of researching and expanding the case, CQDT received a decision to make the decision to deal with nausea and nausea.

From that point on, the police decided to pursue the observer, arresting the lord of Pham Nhat Vu (former chairman of members of AVG's council) on tax rulings.

In particular, CQĐT has decided to extend the decision to pursue accepting gentlemen Nguyen Bac Son, Truong Minh Tuan, Le Nam Tra and Cao Duy Hai on farmers' acceptance fees.

In addition, two other accusations were also instituted, upgrading of the management of governance arrangements and the use of public investment capital, causing serious consequences. They are Vo Van Manh (former director) and Hoang Duy Quang (employees of AMAX Investments and Appraisal Company Limited).

According to the conclusion of the State Inspectorate, MobiFone has left many shortcomings and injuries in the intention of investing, assessing the financial and business situation of AVG; Select rating advise units; submit to the Ministry of Education and Communications to win the investment project well …

When reporting a proposal to invest in the transfer of AVG shares and setting up an investment project to make the Ministry of Information and Communications for approval, MobiFone has declared unfairly, insufficiently, incorrectly evaluated the very least financial situation of AVG, also positive positive assessment of AVG's financial and business situation.

When choosing an investment plan MobiFone does not research, no one specialized in television services selects to advise on business plans, do not make new investment plans to compare base for comparison.

Losses on schemes and responsibilities of MobiFone have the risk of serious damage to the capital at MobiFone over VND7,000 billion, thereby significantly diminishing the sizeable efficiency of 2016 and subsequent years. follow.

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