Wednesday , June 16 2021

78-year-old car crash scene, appropriate property of many people

Duc and Minh are in the investigative agency. Photo: Provided by the police

Duc and Minh are in the investigative agency. Picture : Police provided.

On November 14, Tra Vinh police detained Truong Hoang Minh (32) and Nguyen Van Duc (78) for criminal investigation. Phishing Allocation of property.

According to the research agency, Minh and Saigon translate German into the Tra Vinh room. On November 13, the two men ruled that they should follow the 60 year old gold ring. At Ward 7 (Du Vin), the duo hit the motorcycle and then screamed loudly and blamed the man. Minh and Duc said the accident damaged the $ 60 million worth of clocks that forced the temple.

When a victim broke out and spoke about $ 10 million in cash, Germany took it all. At the same time, he stripped of the 24K gold ring, and only the weight of this person that Minh could hide. As the accomplice said, Minh quickly took the stone to the packaging to inform the victim to return the property and understand the accident. Both quickly got in the car.

When the criminal investigation reports of the victims were received in the Binh Phu commune (Cang Long district), they arrested civilians and the Dhuc and sold the gold store about 20 km away. .

Police say Trapp Vincent City's 80-year-old man and his colleagues had six clashes and consumed 25 gold and over 30 million VND. Previously with similar tricks, these two were sexually assaulted in Vinh Long Province.

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