Thursday , April 22 2021

Willians Astudillo and Yohan Pino extra guests

The Cardinals hit the Caribbean for Henry Rodriguez, while the Lions added the right hand for Cesar Jiménez

CARACAS.- Now they say the end is the "hour of men" and not the names. But yesterday evening the board Cardinals of Lara and Lions of Caracas They named two new players to reinforce their learning lines in the final phase, which will start tomorrow in Barquisimeto.

Cardinals, when in five games, were his first series of playoffs as the leader of & # 39; an authority and therefore the condition of first entering the following players to join. He exploits his "power" with category again, taking the services away Willians Astudillo, out Caribbean of Anzoátegui.

The winged directors, who previously owed earlier player and now sports manager, José Yépez, already had their favorite arts through the use of & # 39; tribe in & # 39; a middle of the party for the proposal & # 39; a final win, because he was one of the best offensive heaters in the game. tournament and it would be a great help in the final. "

Astudillo, that Lira's favoritism takes up little in his third commissioning final and where he'll search his fifth crown came into the winged rostrum by Henry Rodriguez, below the same condition for the semi-final came from & # 39; e Tigres de Aragua.

The Lions, meanwhile, keep the tradition in their design. Like in previous occasions, they've added a brace to reinforce their pounding rod in search of her title 21 and the first in eight campaigns from & # 39; e LVBP.

Yohan Pino, with the Magellan, he was strong for the cripple and from there the terror of the Catholic emiates to give him the position of injured Cesar Jiménez.
"He is a gossip with an important career, it was used to work in these specimens. It has a good time, it is in shape, it is just to look at

Cardinals in the & # 39; half-finals and always hope so. He'll be one of & # 39; said the sportsman of the capital, José Manuel Fernández, through the president of & # 39; a club.

Fernandez also added that Jimenez, despite his strength on the right side, hopes the team hopes to "retreat into a fight of any Caribbean series".

Four against two

For Yohan Pino, this seventh final will be in the LVBP and with four championships he has not hidden his mind to make Caracas any more. "I am very proud to be in this final to help a team like Caracas," said the right hand to the feline division. Willes Astudillo, on the other hand, plays his third decisive phase, but in two of them he has scored champion.

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