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What's next to Robinson Canó and Felix Hernandez in Mariners? | AL BAT


It is true that Jerry Dipoto has consultations with other teams about the opportunity to cross the Dominican region Robinson Canó. It is no surprise, given that the general director of # e Soul He recognizes the first day of & # 39; the location he is willing to handle every movement around the list Seattle and put the team in a better position to make the battle in next two or three years.

Dipoto He made it clear that no player is incomprehensible, although he also had to get convinced contributions to remove young stars like the Puerto Rican nearer Edwin Díaz, Mitch Haniger en Marco Gonzales. These players represent the core goals thereupon Dipoto wants to create a team.

And it is precisely why Canó, Venezuela's Felix Hernandez and Nelson Cruz, can soon be cut off.

Perhaps Dipoto has already decided to go to Cruz, the 38-year-old best-hit hit in free trade mark. Canó and Hernández are still on & # 39; Mariners & # 39; roster and both are for sale in exchange, though they come with warnings. Or more to the point, great contracts.

Although Hernandez's name has not so much as Cano's change in change, Mariners would not earn him to earn him or other team whilst accounting for part of & # 39; and US $ 27 million had the 32-year-old right hand. age in the last year of your contract.

The same can be said of Canó, that's now just as valuable as Hernández, but it has also had a long-term economic activity, has been five years and $ 120 million survives 10 years contract and 240 million US $.

Dipoto had conversations about Cano with other teams, including the Mets and the Yankees, although it does not seem that a movement is inverted.

But Dipoto is not afraid to move creators, he has the winds of the Mariners after the 2015 campaign had made 82 changes in 38 months. Two of his most influential movements were found in this month, where he sent James Paxton to the Yankees and Mike Zunino to travel in pursuit of more than 2021 and 2022 as the next season .

Therefore Hernandez could be transferred, although the fee is minimal. The homeland of Valencia, which has long been the face of franchise, had his work in # 39; The rotation was shortened in August, until a loss for Paxton could come back to him. But after you register a record of 8-14 and a 5.55 ERA in 2018, it is not clear that Hernandez has the opportunity to return to service and less in a team that tries to get Taking a look at the future.

He has been in chief position for more than 10 seasons and the last five had been with the same team, Hernandez would have the right to refuse to change. But he let him try as starters and first time in the career of reaching the postseason, it is not bad that he would turn the opportunity to help another team.

The Mariners can just be part of Hernandez without much in returning demand, according to the performance and salary of the # 39; the judge. The case of Cano is different, since the last year the Dominicans drew the wood with 35 years. Although he lost 80 game by a doping suspension, he had a total of 30 homers and 50 RBIs in San Diego. After returning from his retirement, he won .317 with six homers and 27 runners in 41 games.

Although the Mariners welcome Cano's contract, they are also not afraid to lose their offensive production. The young man taught in 2018 a percentage of on-base, was interrupted secondly (behind) after his compiler Jean Segura interrupted and third went to Cruz and Haniger.

Since five years he has made his contract, Cano can be part of the core that build Dipoto, especially if the veterans are ready to go from & Second, move the first or second base as indicated hitter.

Therefore, the Mariners report parts of Diaz or perspective. Kyle Lewis in a box with Cano to convince a team such as the Yankees or the Mets to accept the Dominican not to understand Dipoto's intentions.

The Mariners are not represented to remove Cano and will not apply to Diaz or Lewis to reduce their pay.

Dipoto will delete all offerings and its baseball operation group has been unknown. But any exchanges for Cano would be made with the idea of ​​adding to the future, not just subtracting today's.

To make economic flexibility is a factor, so Dipoto must decide what part of Canó's contract, he is just about to cover. The more money a team is willing to pay for Cano, the less the value of the perspective that is for the veterans.

If it is a player of Canó's caliber and so great contracts, every trade can be complicated. Therefore they are now just conversations and nothing more.

Seattle I I by Greg Johns

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