Thursday , April 22 2021

Venezuelan bought over $ 1 million in Bitcoins in one Christmas season

In the Christmas period in Venezuela, more than $ 7.5 million in Bitcoins were changed by the Localbitcoins Platform, according to a CoinDance analysis consulted by the Cointeleg on January 20.

From December 22 through December 29, 2018, in Venezuela, through the platform P2P LocalBitcoins 1974, BTC is being changed, as is 7.5 million USD if we take the average bitcoin price in a week, which was about 3000 USD. , in & # 39; week with the biggest change of bitcoins in & # 39; a history of Venezuela.

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According to CoinDance statistics, in Latin America, Venezuela is bigger from Bitcoins to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, countries that have more population and which economists are not in the Venezu-state of vulnerability. According to the same report, Venezuela is the second country in the world with the largest ever changing BTC to Russia.

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At the same time, in 1974 1974 BTC was commissioned in the week of Christmas, in 759 BTCs were processed (even the highest figure reached by that country). The third country per volume was Peru, where there were 251 BTC commercialized values. Mexico followed 115 BTC, Brazil with 95 BTC, Chile with 60 BTC and Argentina with 49 BTC. It is necessary to remember that in this last country work is changing faster and therefore changes by LocalBitcoins are smaller. Most people choose to change transactions by registering and do not use any personnel-personality.

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