Saturday , September 18 2021

Two partners from Malony killed and four abducted rescued

Police officers held a confrontation in Guayabal (Guárico) with subjects holding four people hostage, who in turn were rescued. Two of the criminals were killed, according to information obtained from the Bolivian National Police Directorate of Strategic Intelligence (DIE).

The perpetrators of the incident are members of the gang founded by Gilberto Malony Hernández, alias El Malony, who last Monday broke into a farm in the Rubiera de Cazorla sector, San Jerónimo de Guayabal municipality, Guárico-Apure border, a situation that was reported by neighbors.

A DIP committee went to the scene and was greeted by recordings of the rural property. The police responded and managed to kill two of the kidnappers, one identified as José Jesús Peralta Tovar and the other nicknamed El Maleta. At that moment, the agents took the opportunity to rescue the four victims: three women and one man.

At the end of the skirmishes, officials found four firearms (revolver, pistol and two rifles), as well as two bulletproof vests and four mobile phones. The DIP’s efforts remain in the area to find others involved in the abduction.

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