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Thus Bethesda say homophobic attacks in Fallout 76

As Bethesda sanctions fall into Fallout 76After a painful incident related to a group of boys who were attacked by other players, while they were connected to their failure, Bethesda He made his position very clear to those who did not know how to handle them in their recent resume.

The story has happened as follows: a player whose name is NathanTheHicc attended Aj, a boy from Chicago who was with two friends to ask for a medication in Fallout 76What is common for this kind of online games; Nathan was great, however, when he told her that his character was "silly", disappeared from her while he called that kind of "things homo" was not his love (with wholesome words).

Nathan returned with reinforcements to take away the group, which despite the surprising, partial and multiplayer experience. The problem is the cats with homophobic musical aggressions in voice chat. And it was a very annoying situation that mentions one of the worst parts, which, unfortunately, is still today and remains in & # 39; society remains. Then AJ searched ways to report to Bethesda, which were not so easy and that they should have to improve their support system for users.

The attacks published this incidental incident on account of Bethesda On Twitter and while helping them, Aj de Eurogamer decided that it is not easy to upload the video in the format they ask for the report to be valid. You can see this video in the message that Aj links in the social network.

Bethesda He took the note and punished Nathan, the primitive user we heard that much stupidity, with a ban for access to the game for three days. But Nathan was proud of what he did to upload the uploading video on his YouTube channel to the video where he called "Limpia de maricones". He also greets the following:

"My version of the event is more or less the same as the audience knows, the only difference is that I hate homosexuality. It was just a night of fun to enjoy and after the first meeting (the 't to see on my channel), we found it to be delicious in order to disperse them in one way, they may think it's bad, but I think it just thrown. I'm sorry if I had the chance I did not plan to do something in the future, but just that I did not plan for her plane, I just found it and decided to do it. "

Then the three-day penalty was changed into a permanent ban Fallout 76.

Above the end of such a horrendous affair, Bethesda and all companies that have devoted to online games, have to pay attention to the rules and tools that can interact, because the gambler is the widest and varied. Online games have not re-opened a novel, but even Blizzard, who has in his line World of Warcraft for 14 years, has failed in protecting users.

Do you have a bad experience in dealing with homophobia or racism in online games? What do you think are the titles in which these cases most occur?

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