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They will be more genetic adapted

Courtesy | The scientist is planning to change the maternal embryo DNA with HIV in the laboratory,

A little over a year after the birth in China of the first two genetic books, a Russian scientist has announced that he needs to perform a similar experiment, despite the unanimous rejection of & # 39; an international community.

The researcher, Denis Rebrikov, will plan to change maternal embryo DNA with HIV in the laboratory, with the stated purpose of preventing the transmission of a virus, according to Nature's journal.

Rebrikov, a molecular biologist, runs a laboratory in Russia's largest fertility clinic, the Kulakov National Center for Medical Research in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinaatology in Moscow.

If in & # 39; case & # 39; a Chinese scientist He Jiankui, his intention is to modify the CCR5 gene, which contains assertions for making many that the AIDS virus uses as a gateway to white blood cells. Rebrikov wants to bring about a natural mutation, present in 1% of Europeans, which generates a certain immunity to the virus.

For this, it is necessary to have 32 of 6,000 letters of & # 39; Replacing the gene with revolutionary Crisp technique, a kind of molecular scissors that can remove DNA, but can make it dangerous.

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