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They tell Bitmain for USD 5 million: they remove from mining with all sold out equipment CryptoNews


The legal professional assessment that Gevorkyan since January of this year is a user of BitMain ASIC, when he bought various equipment, including the Antminer S9. According to Gevorkyan, the product is not easy to configure, so this process has a temporary time.

Despite the specific times of the time that the client for the establishment of # 39; the miner has the legal action against Bitmain also ensures that This new practice is an extra cost for the first operations of any device.

In fact, the plaintiffs seek compensation for economic damage due to injuries of the # 39; the Unfair Competition Law (UCL), behaving that "public policy disappears, immoral, ugly, busy and guilty." Therefore, lawyer's claim to compensation of $ 5 million.

The court case also includes charges such as illegal enrichment and conversation. In that context, the company stated that its company "not with the equipment of its clients" mine. In addition, he adds that 's account is that mining is just a small part of his business, "Bitmain has less initiative to do that, to get the device as soon as possible to get the confirmed orders to replace ".

The actions against Bitmain are being processed for the two registered companies of the company. One in Delaware, the United States and another in Beijing, China.

Bitmain, a year full of purples

This objection to mining hardware is briefly published by the advisers of the removal of Jihan Wu as Director of Bitmain, and then a few networks with his Initial Public Offering.

Also, the profitability of the latest device, Antin S15 and T15, both with 7nm chips, is doubtful, so far the company is unclear about the performance of these devices.

Currently it is unknown how to proceed with this request.

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