Monday , November 29 2021

They should try to fly through fairways through Venezuela


Costa Rica is urgently available to visit 770,000 children against mons with the aim of protecting the child against the breakthrough occurring in South American countries such as Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund, Governing Public Provisional Care Services, found that on December 12, an exceptional immigration campaign is being used to target the population of # to protect the children from 15 months to 10 years. age Campaign runs until February 8th of next year.

"It's important to get to the mouths of the virus neurological complications such as encephalitis and may also influence ears, lenses, and others." The Caja got 770,000 extra doses to those who had already entered our program "focused on minutes," said the medical director of the company Roberto Manuel Cervantes.

Data provided by the social security institutions indicate that there are 7,000 cases of mears in the region and 72 deaths are reported in America by this disease. The last autochthonous spirit of cows in Costa Rica existed in 2005, while in 2014 the country reported an imported case. The authorities have alleged that a very serious infection-related disease has occurred, in a very easy way between people and person, and ends with complications, including death. Costa Rica is a country with easy access to destinations such as Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, the United States or Canada, so that the virus can reach any time.

"This disease can be prevented by one vaccine (…) With this extraordinary strategy, we want a protective barrier against crises in children from 15 months to 10 years," said the Coordinator of Humans of the Fund, Aurora Leandra Gómez. Lastly, the setting has a campaign of this type in 2011 and coverage was 93%, so the authorities deserve a positive result.

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