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They discover a genetic variant that protects them from Alzheimer's and various things. Deia, News from Bizkaia

SANTANDER. Researchers at Marqués de Valdecilla University and the Valdecilla Sanitary Research Institute (IDIVAL), depending on the Ministry of Health, have discovered that a genetic variant in the PLCG2 gene protects against various forms of dementia.

According to the results of the study conducted in collaboration with researchers from & # 39; a UMC University of Amsterdam, this genetic variety does not only protect against the illness Alzheimer'sBut also against other forms of neurodegenerative disorders such as fronto-temporal dementia and dementia of Lewy bodies, the government of Cantabria informs.

Dr. Pascual Sanchez-Juan, a neurologist at the Valdecilla Cognitive Impairment Unit and co-author of & # 39; s study, has set the discovery value in value, "to give it our important stories about what the genetic characteristics are and the metabolic pathway is a long-term dementia-free life. "

He explained that so far it was known that one of these genetic variant carriers had a "twice lower" problem for developing Alzheimer's dementia in comparison to non-carriers.

Now, he says, "it seems that the treatment of the variant also protects against other forms of neurodegeneration and that bearer of this variant is double as reaches a hundred years without diamonds."

Dr. Sánchez-Juan has argued that the study also determines that the PLCG2 genera are often followed in hundreds-year-olds followed by researchers at the University of Amsterdam.

This genetic variant in the PLCG2 gene, which plays an important role in the immune system, leads to a change in the structure of the PLCG2 protein, which is probably its function in & # 39; 39; changing immune responses, & # 39; said the neurologist.

He also estimates that Valdecilla Cognitive Impairment Unit is currently the project & # 39; Cohorte Valdecilla & # 39; develops for memory and brain research, using it in & # 39; Invite a 55-year-old person to better understand the factors of risk and protectors associated with the development of diminutive power.

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