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They condemned the death of 63 years of political prisoners in El Helicóde.


Vilca Fernandez also criticized political prisoner Vilca Fernandez for having a heart attack and being transferred to an ambulance to another prisoner in El Helicoide on Monday, November 5, But he did not elaborate on this case.

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November 5, 2018 11:42 pm

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Modesto Diaz, A 63-year-old political prisoner died in a "strange situation" at a facility at the Bolivar National Intelligence Service (Sebin). gyreInformed Vika Fernandez Through your Twitter account.

Fernandes, who is now from outside Pakistan, urged President Nicholas Maduro to shut down the prison, accusing him of "thinking he is responsible for maintaining this advisory center."

Díaz "guarantees that he died of negligence. Sebin By "denying him medical attention", in that sense he was also convinced that "there are more prisoners in the same state of health".

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This Monday, November 5, Vika Fernandez He also spashed other prisoners in El Helicoide in the afternoon and reported that he was arrested by an ambulance. But he did not tell the case in detail.

The death toll from Diaz's death at a prison facility and the arrest of political prisoners were added to this year. On October 8, a member of Congress died. Fernando Al-Ban.

Authorities did not rule Diaz's death.

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