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They cite a new oncological medication that prevents the metastasis

A new medication developed in the Barcelona-Vall laboratories' Hebrón Hospital, which prevented tumor cells from spreading and causing metastasis or relapses and activating the autoimmune system to lower the tumor, became fourth in forty patients in & # 39; e cities of Barcelona (Spain), New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada).

The new medicine Blocks LIF, a cytokine (many of which regulates the function of 'cells that regulate them on other cell types') in many tumors, which promote the proliferation of tumor strains , besides activating the immune system alarm.

The innovative medicine, called the MSC-1, whose development reports on Tuesday, is the journal "Nature Communications", which is successful in animal models.

The researcher who focused on the development of these new drugs, Joan Seoane, had made his team the first to channel LIF and show that if they were blocked, tumor stems were eliminated, Preventing tumor recurrence.

Remove tumor

According to & # 39; oncolooch & # 39; Generates the drug a high response that completely cures the tumor and generates immune memory, which means that the system is already being trained to prevent relapses. "

However, he said: "There are still some years until these medicines can reach all the patients, because we're in the first phase of the clinical problem. Now we'll have the effectiveness of & # 39 studying drugs and how to combine it with others. "

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