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These are the characters who have more chances to stay with the Thron – Game of Thrones – It Spoiler Time!

Before the characters present, I want to make something clear: No, I didn't see it Jon Snow if it is King of Westeros, that is not his character, he is not a politician, he is an emotional leader, he is not within his ability to govern, he does not know how to survive? Yes, almost certainly, but its role will be different.

Cause that I don't think anyone in "main" characters in & # 39; e series is the winner of & # 39; e Game of Thrones; I think the creators choose a less likely option that we have been thinking for years for years.

Let's look at the options.

5 Sansa Stark

Most likely, Sansa Be glad as the & # 39; Queen of the North & # 39; arrange Winterfell, mar If your ambitions are bigger, it can be quiet Cersei in it Thron and that would be a nice destination.

No in a Arya on his side, the eldest daughter of Strong got strength and positions in the race for the Iron Throne. Me, They are very cold and calculated, and therefore we look innocent in their eighth season.

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He allowed the opportunity to contact, to find cases, to win defects, to acknowledge allies and to limit the masses, so If she is finally the queen, it can be a good one.

4 Brandon Stark

Yours faithfully, Bran is one of & # 39; few characters that I & # 39; t hate and I hope to make a mistake with this prediction, but your chances to stay with the Iron Throne They are very high

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Let's think he's meant to do something in & # 39; war, so if he wants it Thron All you have to do is make sure to play the winning team and then join them to be there King.

Would it be a bad end? Of course, is it likely to fit? If you want to surprise the audience as much as it says, yes.

3 Samwell Tarly

Sam He started out as no one we all died, but he became one of the most beloved characters, a key in the & # 39; history e show, the wisest of all and a serious candidate Thron.

Remember that it is very uncertain Sam In the war being physically involved, the most logical thing to do is survive, but what place will it determine in what stays on Westeros?

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A way to occupy it Thron It would be for him to do it, because he is very shy to walk. I feel like it Jon Winning the war, but not winning Thron, and so it gives to his best and most sure friend.


2 Tyrion Lannister

In the series, they are full of moments where it was related Tyrion with the Thron. Your story begins with Tywin hang him to be a dwarf and not accept him as part of our family; The iron third was always impossible for him from that place.

But his father was no longer, he killed him and went away Cersei He has a lot of circumstances to be a leadership and also has a lot of attention to what they have the worst, so we know it can be great King.

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Start from the "black sheep" from your family Lannister and end up as one King From that dynasty, who's loving one's people, would be wonderful. The problem is that you have to deal with this place Cersei, Daenerys and / or Jaime. His only imprint to reach the summit is his morality.

1 Nobody

What happens when the end of the eighth season is out of date Iron Throne? There is a lot of talk in the & # 39; series about & # 39; break it & # 39; change the format at which & # 39; t Westeros it is arranged, Therefore, this would not be such a forgiving idea.

One of the dragons brings it Thron by order from Danny, Jon The destruction of the beginning of a new age, the Night King it changes into an ice cream: There are many possibilities for existence.

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Let's think the main intrigue has begun since the series is & # 39; who it will be King at the end of & # 39; s show, so, The creators could take their mouth an ace and the answer to that question is "absolutely no one". More think there was a bittersweet to wear for the fans …

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