Monday , June 14 2021

There are already 14 fatal victims

A 36-year-old woman died yesterday at a clinic in La Plata by Hantavirus, leaving her the first fatal victim of & # 39; disease & # 39; A province of Buenos Aires became in the "season", while another 49 died for the same reason in Chubut, so that all 14 were killed by the outbreak throughout the country.
The first fatal case in Buenos Aires from a patient who's lived in the countryside of a Castelli district and was an intensive care at 14 and 16 years in & # 39; Ipensa clinic, La Plata transferred.
The director of Epidemiology of Buenos Aires, Iván Insúa, said the patient had contacted the disease by contacting a rodent vector, on the Catelli field there.
The official thought, in the TN channel's declarations, the way to & # 39; earning a disease is "similar to that in Buenos Aires is in historical form, other than the south there is the infection person to person." According to local media, the late wife Tahis Pérez was named.
Previously, it was known from the death of a 49-year-old woman as a product of Hantavirus in & # 39; a province of Chubut.
The latest fatality victim of Hantavirus in Chubut is Susana Briones, a memorandum from & # 39; A city of Trevelin, the mother of a young girl, had died of the same disease and woke her up to be infected when they told her daughter.
As reported on Saturday by the Chubut Health Ministry, this is a patient who has been entrusted to the Esquel Social Hospital's Intensive Care with a positive diagnosis of Hantavirus.
The daughter of the woman who died in the last hours was Jessica Luengo, who worked as a builder in & # 39; a municipality of Trevelin and died on 9 January. It disappeared that Luengo shared a trip in a bird with one of the first secured.
In so much, Antonio Reato, interpreted from Epuyén's farm, made for radial declarations to FM El Chubut that "we were a relatively smaller one, but the new death came to a new."
We have been hoping that in the past few days there have been no new cases and many are already & # 39; come respiratory isolation. "

Since last December 3 and according to data from the Ministry of Health of Chubut, in this province, 29 confirmed cases of Hantavirus, of which 11 people died. For the fatal victims of Chubut province, Entre Ríos's case and the other of Salta are added.
On Friday, the Ministry of Social Affairs confirmed a new province in Buenos Aires in & # 39; The city of Berisso, which to four other people promoted with hantavirus in the area of ​​Buenos Aires and remained internally.
In Chubut, the "Andes" tribe originated from the outbreak in Epuene, leaving it one hundred inhabitants isolated.

Macri spoke to Reato.
President Mauricio Macri communicated commentary with the mayor of Epuyén, Antonio Reato, to allow internationalization of the measures taken before the outbreak of Hantavirus, which has the epitome of the city in & The Andean zone of Chubut has.
Among other problems, Macri and the southern mayor talk about the situation of the city and the help by the Nation sent to the sanitary surgery area for the outbreak that already killed 14 people in & # 39; the country has caused, informed government sources.
Get rid of & # 39; a president's solidarity and support for & # 39; a necessary situation you would have in Epuyén.
"Today I talked to President Macri and I was kind of hurt. I thank him for the call and I have already handed in his message to a whole community," said the local councilor, the & # 39; from his support as the (Carolina) minister Stanley and Sergio Wisky, legislation of Rio Negro.
"This is a particularly difficult time for the people of Epuyén. Now what we hope for and most hope that new cases of Hantavirus do not appear," he said.
The national government ordered the urgent sending of specialized technical teams from the Malbran Institute to work with the provincial and municipal authorities.
Adolfo Rubistein, the Governance of Health of the Nation Secretary, last week was in the field of & # 39; outbreaks to control the operation of & # 39; The operation that was performed by the Health Contingency Committee and traveled the Epuyén and Esquel hospital, which functions as a zonal head of disease. (NA)

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