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The young man who has died a lion, died "after his passion"

(CNN) – The zoo practitioner who killed a fluffy louse in North Carolina had "straight animals" and wanted to work with her, says her family.

Alexandra Black, a 22-year-old woman who recently graduated from Indiana University, was an intern at the Burlington Conservators Center for about two weeks when she was killed on Sunday, the Caswell County Sheriff said. ; s Office.

The center said that the male lion, identified as Matthiaal, escaped from a castle and awakened Black, while they and others were another area.

In a statement by WXIN, a CNN connection in Indianapolis, Black's family has suggested he died "after his passion."

"Alex learned animals." Our beautiful, intelligent and passionate Alex had worked, without paying, on various farm animals, lately at Wolf Park in Battleground, well. That was her fourth job, to make them really just want to work with animals, "she said.

Black was born in New Palestine, Indiana, according to the sheriff's office.

She started working at the Conservatory Center, her first state language, 10 days ago, told her family. Young woman worked in a broader, or in & # 39; a care for the animals.

"She was a beautiful young woman who just started her career, was a caring accident, and we are in mourning," said the family.

They asked that people consider donating to Wolf Park to honor Black.

Conservative Center, & # 39; Waste & # 39;

The conservatory center said that a latitude team did not prevent the merger.

"One of the lions sometimes came out of a closed space and entered the space where man was killed and killed", the center said on its Facebook page.

"When our breeding teams follow strictly bulk sales, they followed a security protocol that deals with living animals in a separate space and commands them before the people enter the adjacent space," said the center in a statement. "The details of what happened were still investigated."

Black worked under the supervision of a staff member, said the director of the center, Mindy Stinner, according to WNCN, a CNN association.

People's lion were killed dead

Stinner reported that all large cats in a separate area are & # 39; people in & # 39; cleaning cleaning is closed.

"At no time did the lion give a space that did not close through the perimeter barrier of the park," he said.

Center officials said Matthias, 14, born shortly after "his mother arose as a result of administrative assistant confiscation in 2007. He was succeeded after Black's death," the authorities said.

Stinner said the visitors were in the park, but the officials kept them safe and fast.

"This is not a situation that we had before, security is a very, very important character of the run of such," he said.

No one else was hit in an attack.

The center has been closed until further notice

The sand houses have more than 80 animals, such as tigers, small wild cats and other small aircraft, according to their website. It offers guide walking routes in the vicinity of animals. The park is managed by the US Department of Agriculture, according to Stinner.

Stinner, an educator, founded the center in 1999 in Mebane as a municipal educational organization to provide a home for certain types of connoisseurs, according to the & # 39; s center. In 2004, it was moved to an area of ​​18 hectares, the website said.

Stinner said that he began to perform rescue and sanctuary, but he refused that damp and worked with more species, trying to get the church involved more. "We want to think of ourselves as a kind of neighbor," he said.

The center is closed until further notice, officials have said.

"We need to judge our situation, and we need to make sure everyone here is safe and secure," says Stinner, "it's really terrible."

The center said it became the major concern for the Black family and traumatized employees of people.

"Although Alex has a very short time with us, it affects our community, we are a whole family of associates and volunteers and are devastated by the loss of this living and intelligent young woman."

Kaylee Hartung of CNN reports from Burlington. Phil Gast and Lechelle Benches of CNN deliver to this report.

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