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The US demands not to use their allies Huawei equipment, according to the WSJ


(Bloomberg) – The United States government has been contacted with major allies to convince telecommunications companies in their countries to avoid using equipment from the United States. Chinese manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co., according to the Wall Street Journal.

The United States officers contacted her partner and board member countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan to look at expected cyber-risk, reporting the newspaper, according to identified sources known with the case. USA could increase the development of telecommunications in countries that reject Huawei equipment, according to some people.

Huawei has long been classified as a security threat by US lawmakers, all connected to the Chinese government, shared by former military engineer Ren Zhengfei. While the Shenzhen-based company did not provide any unknown connection, it was forbidden in Australia to supply biodegradable equipment, fiscal control in the United Kingdom and is excluded from the US market.

Huawei's controversy has been raised since Donald Trump was president of the United States. such as trade between Washington and Beijing. The closed main business is currently the second largest smartphone manufacturer and is one of the largest producers of telephony equipment.

Huawei said that customers around the world choose their products to buy the company.

"Huawei is surprised by the behavior of the US government in detail in the article," said the company in an email. "If the behavior of a government expands outside its jurisdiction, this kind of activity should not be encouraged."

The 3.2 percent spread of Huawei's 2022 dollar-related Bonds and investments of the highest rates of levy from July to 2012 were compiled by Bloomberg.

Analysts say that the item has the weakness on business trends in China and Hong Kong, which reduces regional losses.

The US officials have worried about using Chinese equipment in countries that have US military base. such as Germany, Japan and Italy, the Wall Street Journal reports. There is concern about China's ability to achieve business with rich demands, he said.

A number of major television services have received more than 5 percent for their major investments to Huawei, according to data from Supply Chain Bloomberg. The companies are Telecom Italia SpA and Japan's NTT Docomo Inc. and KDDI Corp., according to the data.

Huawei has invested millions in development of 5G technology and its potential around the world in # 39; to become the room, would be the reason why Trump was the biggest purchase of a chip company blocked in history.

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