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The teams that have been classified after the LVBP season have chosen to buy reinforcements

CARACAS | AVN.- This Monday design of add-ons and substitutions by the six teams that are not eligible for the post-season of the Venezuela Baseball League (LVBP).

De Navegantes del Magallanes, the team that occupied the first place in the regular round, took as the extension the coffin of & # 39; An Águilas del Zulia, Logan Durán and the estate, including the rapiest team, Alex Romero, will take the place of Alfredo Marte.

Cardinals of Lara, second in the table, reinforcements from Zulia to infield Ali Castillo and executor Herlis Rodriguez were forced to replace Jose Valdez.

For her part, Lions of the Caracass, that culminated in the third position, namely only the expectation of & # 39; a left handles chest of the Águilas del Zulia, César Jiménez. However, the board of & # 39; the capital has & # 39; announced a Mexican departure partner Alex Delgado. In addition, the championship of the league, Harold Ramírez, returns for the post season, with the capital.

The rooms were the Tigres de Aragua and they turned the player off the painting, Humberto Arteaga, from the Zulian team and the relief Frankie de la Cruz, from the Tiburones de La Guaira, who replaced the hunter Nick Pasquale.

Intruder, Bravos de Margarita cHe finished fifth and added David Kubiak from & # 39; a Sharks to his team and Eagles forces Frankie de la Cruz to replace Arik Sikula.

Likewise, Caribbean of AnzoáteguiLastly, the pithser of Zulia, Elvis Araujo and the close proximity of the Gregorian Infantist, who replaces Zech Zinicola.

The Play Offs will start this Thursday 3 January As Navengantes arrives Caribbean in José Pérez Colmenares at 7.00 pm on 7.00 o'clock.

On the same day, the Cardinal de Bravos will pick up the Margarita at Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez de Barquisimeto, Lara State at 7:00.

In & # 39; a university stadium of & # 39; a UCV will tell Leones del Caracas during the afternoon Tigers the Aragua.

The series will qualify for the semi-final to win four or seven possible games, while the latter is classified by a wild card game played by both teams with the best record in the premier league and lost in this first round.

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