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The materials of Pernil and hallacas are distributed via CLAP.


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(Caracas, Nov. 11, News 24) .-Food minister Luis Medina said on the coming days Holocaust and Holocaust materials will arrive through the Supply and Production (Applause) Committee in Venezuelan homes.

Food Secretary Guided Food Reception and Dispatch According to the Food and Drug Administration's press release, news of the arrival of 4,000 tons of pork on the pier of Puerto Cabello port in Carabobo this Saturday.

During the survey, Medina announced that at the end of the year, domestic and imported pernil will be distributed to more than 20,000 people. With holaca and ham bread, aimed at keeping the protein that became a companion by the tradition of the Christmas dish.

Prime Minister Jorge Arreaza read: In Venezuela we enjoy true democracy.

"All the necessary materials will arrive for Holocaust elaboration, which will be distributed to the population with the help of CLAP, so a Venezuelan house with no traditional Christmas dinner will be ready and typical of our land of confectionery, Said.

In order to speed up delivery, Carabobo, Barinas and Miranda have already started dispatching.

Activities were also counted by the participation of Bolivariana de Puertos (Bolipuertos) and Admiral Reinaldo Castaña. G / D Dougolay Perdozo, commander of ZODI in Karabovo Province.

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