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The key to weight loss in 20, 30 and 40 years


At this point, aesthetic problems go into the background. It is important that you resign when your age, height, and lifestyle depend on your weight being much higher than the recommended value.

Therefore, focusing on maintaining a healthy and healthy weight at each stage of life means that food should be considered to be directly related to physical activity. It is almost the same as both sides of the same coin.

Endocrinologist Carlos Graschinsky has set guidelines for how to help overweight and obese people at all levels.

Childhood and adolescence

In the case of specialists, you should avoid "all the major causes of excess weight, which complicates the diet, which focuses on weight loss, as a sitting lifestyle" in all ages, but in the first year of life. "It is necessary to help the youngest child have a healthy habit, including regular exercise."

At this stage, integrated habits are recorded forever. As a result, experts have expressed concern about "the leisure time spent devoting time in front of the TV, computer or mobile phone screen in the last decade."

Obesity is an important health problem because it causes chronic diseases (diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, osteoarthritis, etc.). Graschinsky pointed out two very common habits at this stage, after confirming that "the longer the evolutionary years, the more obesity, the healthier and the more resultant" "There is a tendency for children to resist eating when they are young. Also, if you skip meals, you lose weight, and in fact, the opposite happens, and you do not eat breakfast at 10:00 in the morning. "

"In the case of school children and adolescents, more than 25% of the calories consumed during the day are due to physical and mental in the morning, It is important that the energy input be appropriate for the activity they are doing, "he said." Regardless of weight, the contribution of calcium (dairy) from childhood to the important 30 year-olds is a lifelong use It is a place to store calcium in your bones. "

20's to 10's

According to Graschinsky, "at this age there is a habit of eating fast food with fewer calories and fewer nutrients, and less physical activity leads to overweight."

"The sense of responsibility and dependence on technology tends to make many young people have no time to practice sports or have the faith to go to the gym and sit down and start living for many years. One of the excuses for overweight consultants is lack of time for physical exercise and cooking and meal planning.

For those traveling in their twenties, the main recommendation is to maintain, train and maintain a complete and balanced diet that respects the four daily meals without interrupting sports practice.


Graschinsky emphasized that "it is important to discard junk food at this stage, because it is becoming a concern for health, as signs of aging, such as wrinkles or hair loss, are prone to appear for 30 to 10 years. Prioritize fruits and vegetables. There must be fish (preferably deep water), meat, chicken, eggs or other food that provides protein.

Beginning at age 30, loss of muscle mass starts smoothly and strength decreases. "To avoid it, exercise, exercise and proper nutrition are key to training, muscle mass," he advised.

Forty years and ten years

There are many hormones and genetic changes at this age. "The last factor associated with the telomere's stem and DNA instability is the onset of some of the typical adult illnesses, such as hypertension and dyslipidemia. This 10-year menopause is associated with excessive body weight and fat in the hips and abdomen "Graschinsky notes that after 40 years, many people need a pancreas, but they need more pancreas to maintain adequate blood glucose levels, to increase appetite, increase fat accumulation, increase metabolic syndrome . "

"After 45 years of age it is essential to maintain proper intake of calcium and vitamin D3 and to include vitamin K2, but it does not appear in the current diet, but it can easily be replaced by dietary supplementation. If one or more grams of calcium is supplemented with food or dietary supplements and K2 is not supplemented, calcium tends to enter the bone and not settle in other systems, particularly the arterial endothelium. It produces calcified atherosclerotic vessels with greatly increased risk of suffering from myocardial infarction or stroke. "

In addition to vitamin K2's contribution, recommendations include outdoor exercises that have avoided left-sitting after cardiac exercise monitoring.

"Scientific research has shown that foods with high blood sugar levels are supplemented with nutrients that have been seeded with Satir food.Potato, rice, bread, pizza, Foods such as pasta help maintain weight and prevent diseases such as insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity.

It is also important to exercise muscle strength and exercise cardiovascular work with the advice of a specialist as it has been shown that testosterone levels decrease in men over 40 years of age. "The risk of cardiovascular increases in the male abdomen over the years, so it's important to lose extra kilo to avoid weight gain in this age," he said.


"At this age, many people begin to lose physical activity as they get older and eat more food due to anxiety, the results are weight gain and health deterioration, experts warned. Increases cardiovascular risk. "

Parallel, "It is already clear from many women that osteopenia and osteoporosis are important to strengthen strength movements and to start others with joint motility (stretching, aquatic exercise, pilates and yoga) and maintaining calcium intake. Vitamin K2?

"We should use the recommendations already mentioned for another decade to prevent metabolic syndrome and to focus on avoiding loss of muscle mass, accelerate sperm life, maintain proper nutrition and control LDL cholesterol levels. Level HDL and the highest level of HDL possible, "he said:" To achieve this, it is essential to add a complete, balanced diet that is a contribution of Omega 3. Complement of omega-3 supplement is krill oil Antarctica, Capskrill, bioavailability, efficacy and absence of contaminants is the most recommended ". Early mobilization and active exercise, a tight protein intake guarantee. Balanced exercise also helps women not fall.

From 60 years old or older

"In addition to the above, you should consult with your doctor at all stages of your life, but at this stage, you need to strengthen these controls and expect the disease to maintain the highest quality of life. Activate social and brain activities, Graschinsky said that they should play games of other cognitive activities, and be as optimistic and positive as possible.

And to the management of weight without fail, recommendation:

– Walk for an hour a day.

– When doing exercise, do your daily life as much as possible, avoiding a lot of time or lying down.

If possible sleep well over 6 hours.

– Maintain a complete and balanced diet that does not miss fish and lean meat.

– Reduce the contribution of flour (especially after 5 pm). If you are eating foods containing starch (rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, pizza, or anything else with flour), add the feed to the food to avoid the high caloric effects of these foods without rapidly increasing your blood sugar. It causes overweight and obesity.

– People who have difficulty in weight loss are advised to supplement the ammonia nutrients that improve their metabolic function at any stage.

– Please consult with your dietitian frequently.

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