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The dollar has been visited, but they see it stable at $ 45 after the & # 39; Pitch Week & # 39;

The detailed dollar fell 95 cents or 2.02% this week for the good response to & # 39; an electoral form Mauricio Macri-Miguel Pichetto, but yesterday the green hit a streak of three consecutive shells, and for sales at $ 45.16, according to the average of Central Bank, or an increase of 55 in comparison to the previous day in a complicated international scissors.

The analysts consulted PROFILE They believe the dollar has "already reached a solid floor", and in the upcoming weeks, adjusting between $ 45 and $ 47 for selling to the public, although in a context of stability, jumped out of trouble.

At the trading post, the dollar denominator was sold at $ 43.97, a 60-note attention comparison compared to the previous day, but in & # 39; the magazine came 88 cent. Fernando Izzo, from ABC Mercados, the rebound from & # 39; a dollar to & # 39; t global context "where the US currency went up 0.53% against the other foreign months.

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But also "many survived pesos for the double bonding that has been established – remained in exchange for today's reference dollar – the coming Friday". The government in the four-letter television tender that was associated with the dollar (Lelink), which was included with Bono Dual, set 243 million US $, less than a fourth of & # 39; A $ 1,000 million dollar that was up to this title's experiment. In this context, Mauro Mazza from Bull Markets Brokers He told PERFIL that "the various sites of linked debt leave a non-potential question of between 300 and 400 million, the pressure on a dollar will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and then the financial question for September to become. "

The perspectives Economists do not see a larger fall in the dollar, and estimate that it will be between $ 45 and $ 47. Norberto Sosa, is investing in & # 39; A bark market, said that "the dollar reached a flat area, it didn't dance endlessly." The financier Christian Buteler evaluated: "I don't think the dollar is going to drop, there was an over-reaction to the news from Pichetto, and if it does happen, we will focus on issues such as inflation, debt, and there. don't look it off, but when I go back to pre-announcement values, I see a flier for the retailer between "46 and 46.5".

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Guido Lorenzo, of LCG, has agreed that "there is no question of dealing with it, from now on it is arbitrary uncertainty and it does not appear to be the market, since the offer begins to flow through the lower seasonal activity of the field, before the coming weeks I see a range of $ 45 and $ 47. "

Diego Martínez Burzaco, MB Inversiones stated that "the elections have been won with the votes, that certain there will be much more volatility, the first election protest of & # 39; the primary elections are possible for the expectations of the coming months, in that sin is not the dollar I see it is much more. "

Two Pablo Castagna, the PPI dollar will be "stable" because I think the pollen is starting to improve on the empire, I do not see that the value at least disappears due to the influence of the local level, it is evaluating or the commercial war is accentuated ".

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