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The court served 55 days without prior hearing of Requesens


November 23, 2018 01:15 PM

There are 15 days left for the deputy Juan Requesens to operate for 4 months in Sebin cells in El Helicoide. He and his family and advocates expect that the Senate Court Court with jurisdiction in violating terrorism will issue the pre-trial hearing that will be held on October 30.

Joel García, a lawyer of parliament, reports that the court has not worked 103 days. He stated that the deadline for the research phase was lost on September 28, so the court had to give preference to the court, but until January, 55 days from that date, the judge did not rule over the case.

He accused the court of # justice in # 39; to join the community with the director of the judicial and public prosecutor's office # 39; Judgment, the requirement to ensure compliance with the required procedural requirements.

Last week, the whole family was able to see him in El Helicoide. His father, Juan Requesens Gruber, requested that a medical board verify the status of health of the deputy. Orianna Granatty, wife of law, said, "I can not thank Juan to try him to try him to get food or to give a glass of water, that's what they respect in 'e Sebin, his right to be free, because he is innocent. "

Granatti was one of the predecessors who before the release of political prisoners in # 39; The act performed by Primero Justicia in the Los Palos Grandes plaza, where they announce the announcement of # 39; the conviction of the government of its leaders and militants confirmed.

In activity called Justice Venezuela was Carlos Ocariz and deputy to # 39; the National Assembly, under their María Gabriela Hernández, Miguel Pizarro and Bibiana Lucas, that will lead the event.

Lucas was responsible for closing the # 39; The demonstration "First Justice and the Challenges of the Hope", where they denied the political persecution, which has led their leaders to exile, to prison and even after death.

"Maduro has no power over us, they can remove us, pain us, press our life, but they can not have our conscience," he read.

Ramón Aguilar, lawyer of the deceased councilor Fernando Albán, reported that the case was taken in # 39; Expressing international copies and asking for an independent study, the determination of the real causes of his death.

Aguilar foe add that the study would follow the protocols of Minessota and Estambul, where the parameter was included to investigate the study.

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