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Thanksgiving of gasoline enlarged in the interior of the country

June 14, 2019 12:40 pm
Updated on 14 Jun, 2019 12:57 PM

Protests remain due to the lack of gasoline in various entities in the interior of the country.

By using Twitter, the long lines used to report it for days to get the tanks too much between 20 liters and 40 liters of gasoline. There are several protests at which citizens simultaneously participate in the & # 39; s lack of & # 39; a shortage and authority in delivery.

She warned that the situation paralyzes work and academic activities, as well as public transport.

-In Anzoategui, Governor Antonio Barreto Sira won that the districts have 6 km hour and other people warned that they are limited to deliver 20 liters per bike.

# Anzoátegui This is how service stations are. Colas that fit the 6 km. Public transport, schools and work activities are practically lost. The condition is to promote gasoline deficiency. Exceptionally that state, an oil country stops for fuel. They told everything

– Antonio Barreto Sira (@BarretoSira) June 14, 2019

-In Monagas because of the long lines to supply fuel, the citizen of Maturin protested and closed Alirio Ugarte Pelayo Avenue.

The protests remain in our city # Maturin! Maturines weariness is once again protesting and closing such muscle. Alirio Ugarte Pelayo. Our state #Monagas has disappeared and the woman @yelitzePSUV_ hold on. Enough of psychological war! #MonagasSinGasolina

– Mercedes Adrian U. (@mercedesradrian) June 14, 2019

Despite the representation, Yelitza Santaella, governor of Maduro in Monagas, gave the civic initiative to rest and guarantee the operations of escorting & # 39; stop service.

On & # 39; last I request the ruf & # 39; a rest, peace, quiet, in #Monagas there is #combustible and tomorrow will be governed in this way.

– Yelitza Santaella (@yelitzePSUV_) June 14, 2019

-In Bolivar, the newspaper First time He reports protests in Unare and Puerto Ordaz. He indicated that several servicing operations were closed and warned of the presence of tanks from one Bolivarian National Guard.

#ReportPRIMICIA| Report that officials from the Bolivian National Guard (GNB) turn the bar on & # 39; e kept Paseo Caroní, at the traffic lights of Colinas de Unare, #PuertoOrdaz. # 14Jun

– Day First time (@DiarioPrimicia) June 14, 2019

-In Trujillo, the "paralysis" of lack of gasoline was reported by & # 39; s entity. People make smart days without knowing whether they deliver the service station of the cities of Valera, Urdaneta and Trujillo.

Paralyzed Trujillo for many gas

– Valera Nijs (@ValeraNoticia) June 14, 2019

-In Táchira, people earn the night in their car & # 39; s while waiting for gasoline. It was learned that a tree fell on one of them as a result of heavy rains.

# 14Jun 8:46 am # Táchira #SinGasolina The tree falls on bike that was in the waiting for gasoline in Capacho. Rains damage those who earn the night in & # 39; anabarr84

– Report (@ReporteYa) June 14, 2019

  • "Gas service in Táchira does not account for 35% of the deficit"

– In Zulia, five gasoline pumps are designated for the exclusive use of the carriers, but they follow long lines for the offer.

# 14Jun 10:00 o'clock | RAW REALITY, petrol: minimum 3 days waiting, water: every 20 days minimal, light: when they are felt, cash: 150%, eating: if you get it in $, and there is still no reason to do so & # 39; talk about negotiating and giving! @mariacorinaya @ carveg408 @henrryalviarez @eeulacio

– Vente Zulia (@ventevzulia) June 14, 2019

In Zulia and Tachira, Greece, Colombia, named "Pimpina Today", is the secret gasoline plant in Dolmen and Colombian Pesos, which meant that they were destructive of bad weather conditions.

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