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Streamline your memory, draw!

Streamline your memory, draw! / Courtesy iStock© salud180.com
Streamline your memory, draw!

Draw It's one of the activities that most have loved since the youth, but most of us have closed it when we grew up. But maybe it's time to take your classes again I draw to it's good for your memory.

According to a study by the University of Waterloo, people turn around (There is no speech as professional or amateur) they found that They provide better memory capacity. This would convert this activity into an alternative to dealing with handling and handling designs dementia

The study was held in young and old, separating and comparing the technique of writing draw the attributes of a list of objects. The idea was to consider a great number of words. When the time came for the evaluation and the ability to remember the words. Participants made drawings, better expressed, with a more noticeable tendency in adults.

These are the recommendations to improve usmemory:

Keep staying mentally active: That is to find activities that stimulate your spirit and help your horn.

Socialize: Living in & Ask with other people will help focus on the shift of depression and stress, two causes that make an important weight in memory loss.

Get organized: Try to find a place for your stuff, update your calendar, repeat your tasks and how to do it. In this way you give your brain more ideas.

Sleep well: The dream is very repaid, why your brain needs all six and eight hours.

These recommendations, together with a healthy diet and training program, will make you memory be agile and healthy. Find your character classes and give your heart more vitality!

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