Friday , April 23 2021

Scientists discover a new anatomical structure in the human body – Diario Digital Our Country

London, January 23 (Sputnik) .- Never see the discovery of runs in animals' soil and people can lead to a new understanding of & # 39; a structure and function of human skeletal anatomy.

German researchers have found a network of dotting blood vessels that do not act as a system of secret tunnels in & # 39; The structure, which has never been found before, would be responsible for helping the blood and immune cells to spread efficiently and quickly through the body.

"It is really unexpected to find a new and central anatomical structure that is not described in one book of the 21st century," says molecular immunologist Matthias Gunzer of & # 39; a University of Duisburg-Essen, one of & # 39; s authors e study,.

These small channels, called "transcortic ships" (TCVs), help explain how medicine injections work in the body. In extreme cases, such as on battlefields, doctors do not always have the time or ability to find or tagonyms of their ropes, and often inject drugs directly into the nodes of & # 39; e wounded. Despite the existence of evidence of the existence of a "complex blood at bottom", the rapid changes of cells and fluids can & # 39; no nodes to be explained to the circle.

"It's forgotten that there are still things to discover about human anatomy," Gunzer said.

According to the new study, the tibia of a mouse can contain more than 1,000 of these small capillaries. More than 80% of arterial blood and 59% of venous blood pass through these channels.

In analyzing human anatomy, the scientists have proof of the same type of TCV structures. In our bodies, however, the channels are more expensive and researchers acknowledge that more work is needed to confirm their proper function. (Sputnik)

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