Monday , November 29 2021

Saludanz reported an increase in cases of dengue in Anzoátegui state


Jesus Rincon

The Tiger The president of the Anzoatiguense Health Institute (Saludanz), Omar Aray, reported that the healing funding was raised in the world, especially in El Tigre, Anaco, Cantaura and Barcelona.

"Suddenly there are febrile cases, one diagnosis or dengue or malaria, Zica or Chikungunya, what we realize, that in Barcelona, ​​Anaco, Cantaura and El Tigre are the areas where this disease has increased most; The population does not have permanent water by the tubes, they have to store water in their homes, this is mosquito breeding grounds. For us there are 200 cases of increase, we have 50, "said Aray.

The Sanitary Authority says they use the benefits of mice, which desires the malaria to pay for the ' white donate to shoot the dengue.

"It's a tremendous work, we write to people to prevent the measures that prevent the use of mosquito from any type of repellents to remove the mosquitoes, bite in & # 39; morn and afternoon hours when it is recommended family members protect the children, especially to prevent injuries, any police that has a lot to see a doctor, said the informer.

The President of Saludanz has announced that in a malaria control plans, with the Ministry of Health, or three thousand whites are allocated to repellents in & nbsp; the cities of Soledad and Mapire.

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