Wednesday , January 26 2022

Rocky Fielding has increased his confidence by the Canelo Álvarez key.


Robert Fielding is not in a head-to-head confrontation with Canelo Alvarez at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 15. His weight in the duel was 168 pounds. The height of the Mexican, with a clear face, 10 centimeter shortcomings, filled a confident bag.

Rocky Fielding is a member of Canelo Álvarez Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Fielding did not want to ask about his money because his exclusive conversation with ESPN in the UK proved that everything in this fight surprised him. At first, the radar was James DeGale and Chris Eubank, so I was amazed at Canelo's interest. It was his weight at that time, and was actually in the legendary Madison.

"When we faced our faces, height and size just gave us a good vibration when we just increased our confidence, I think that he is a great player, but he was standing there and thinking clearly, I saw the height, I am sure that I can use it as my advantage, and the next day we saw each other and maybe we were tired of looking at them, but he was respectful. Liverpool said in a deal with ESPN UK.

Before that, Fielding talked about how he learned about the fight against Canelo. "They had James DeGale's name on it that they were ready in December, and all of Eubank's names were okay, but they called me and continued on to something. I have to be quiet, but Canelo said I have all I need to know when I say yes and say "yes", some weight, & # 39; weight, and nothing is wrong. "He recalled that he was excited.

I went to the gym the next morning, I got a message from Eddie (Hearn), and I gladly told him on December 15th at Madison Square Garden, and I called Wow ESPN In an interview with the UK, he did not know anything about money or anything, I wanted to know if it was there, know where it is, where it is, who it is, and whether we will work. "

Fielding has also found that there is a 10-pound rehydration clause. In other words, I can not exceed 178 pounds a day on the fight, but I think he will not be a problem. Because he can get into his ring very quickly and take advantage of his strengths. Height and reach.

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