Tuesday , October 19 2021

Resistance of miners prefers those who remain active CryptoNews


A large number of mining machines are drenched due to the decrease of the bitcoin price. When the cryptocular price falls, less profitable in relation to the lost lending and the cost of electricity consumed by the equipment is consumed. This is added to expenses in other services such as the Internet and maintenance of mining equipment and amenities.

Due to the bad mining settings in the Bitcoin network, The miners who gain their machines, get reward in BTC. While in the future there may be higher profits, compared with a possible increase in the price of bitcoin. However, every miner should calculate whether it is worthwhile to work on full speed or if it is easier to lower its production.

Chernobyl has found a mines that have been sweetened between mid-November between 600,000 and 800,000 bitcoin miners. According to the publication, the main reasons for reducing the cost of # 39; a crypto-occlusion, which causes an output in & # 39; the processing force or hashrate of the network.

According to Blockchain Block Explorer data, is the hashrate Bitcoin The fall of 54 EH / s, at the beginning of November to 41 EH / s in & # 39; time of writing.

The adjustment of a minimal problem

Variants as the only one in t hashrate They provide other changes in the network, through a primordial function of the Bitcoin protocol: the problem set. All 2016 blocks, the bitcoin problem is modified in Bitcoin according to the increase or decrease in the processing power so that the effect of the network is affected.

If less miners work, is the hashrate and, at the same time, the production of blocks and the emission of bitcoins down. However, on the contrary, the greater the number of miners, the larger the hashrate and the work in the network has been saved.

The problem setup is responsible stabilize or balance the less power and the difficulty of mining, so the average time of block resolution of every 10 minutes in & # 39; the standard of one block is stored, as expressed in Bitcoin's White Paper.

These changes to 's affect a severe influence directly on & # 39; the reward that everybody has for his work. When raising the problem, reduces the performance of a mining equipment; While the tiredness decreases, the performance of the team increases. The second described scenario translates into a greater reward for the miners, since they will take less time to mine blocks and the reception of reward will become more frequent.

In this perspective, it should be determined that the Bitcoin miners are not the only ones for this scenario. Before the general fall of the whole market are the miners of all crypto-tissues that use the work test (PoW) are in the same position as those that are devoted to & nbsp; & nbsp; the original cryopoals. Ether (ETH), zcash (ZEC), monero (XMR), siacoin (SC), decrede (DCR) and ethereal classic (ETC) They are some of the cryptographic currency, whose value is & # 39; the market also falls; Therefore, those who have interrupted them are now forced to evaluate their profits with current prizes.

Miners that are less affected by the fall of the cryptoaktic brand, are those that perform activity in places where electricity is very economical, or have subsidies, the & # 39; 39; they do not go too far while trying to take the benefits in the mining problem.

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