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Prolonga is a new approach to helping people with pulse attacks

Prolonga is a new approach to helping people with pulse attacks

In Mexico, as 80% of the pulmonary pulmonary detective diagnosed at the end; It is a procedure that allows you to save more money. Photo: Pixabay.


The combinatorial combination with inmuno therapy, a new troublemaker in Mexico against the pulse, This is the hope of life and happiness with this pseudonym, according to Omar Macedo Pérez, a medical journal published in the Clinical Institute of Cancerology (INCAN).

Al tratar a los pacientes con cáncer de pulmón This is the protocol of the classic, it is "easy to use," indicating that the infection is controlled by age.

Interest: In Mexico, 85% of the pulmonary pulmonary casings are diagnosed

An interview with Notimex, which will have to date 50 in the hope of life in our lives.

Advocacy that the pulse operator represents a global health problem caused only by taboo, which is due to the exposure to humus humus and other contaminants. "A mundial nivel está ligado en un 85 por ciento al tabaquismo, embargo sin, and México has its name distinguished, meaning 55 por ciento related to the tablet and un 45 por ciento responden a otras causas".

Lamentó que In Mexico, the 80th anniversary of the pulmonary detector diagnosed in stage avansadas, here it is significant that the paciente is the candidate for a quirúrgico.

Tenemos que brindarle un tratamiento conforme la enfermedad, que mejores los síntomas y que haga que los pacientes vivan más ", mencionó.

Currently, there are three strategies to accelerate the pulse rate: the traditional, that sounds quimioterapias; read terapias en blanco, and el que se usan medicines and other sustenance To identify and combat the types of cancer cells that are causing them to normal cells, and the more resentment they are combining the quiotherapy with the inmunto therapy.

The ceremony is a funeral operation that is applied to paciente that is lama perfil molecular, which consists in detecting mutations that are specific to those of the EGFR, ALK; The detective uses a Blanco -Type method, which uses medicines in identifying and combating the types of cancer cells, and causing them to be normal cells, leaving a therapy that blots mutations.

Interest: Therapy triplicate supervision in a pacific way with pulmonary detection

Si el paciente nós estas mutaciones, que lo llegan a presentar uno de cada cuatro, el siguiente parámetro que analizamos se llama TDL1; It is our orientation for the practical application of the vamos of human intelligence or the use of a combination of chemotherapy with inmuno therapy.

It's a very important event, it's a great thing to see more than one, James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo gained the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2018, through its mediocrity remedy for the median regulatory system regulatory regulation.

Su trabajo fue clave para demostrar el potencial real de The inmate therapy is justified against the censor, and a point of departure for the desarrolling of new clinics and passers-by.

Now, it is precisely that it is challenging the harmonized cells and graces of their genetic disorders that they have injected into the drugs that are inaccessible to their mechanics. The system of immunology has the ability to access the tumor cells. This is just what I think most of the time is ", explains Macedo Pérez.

In Mexico, there is an involvement in medicine for people with pulse attacks. En el INCan is atienden 400 new cases of pulmonary fibers, and are applied to clinical protocol protocols to determine the types of troubles.

Due to the fact that the special needs of the specialist, the flattening phenomenon, the cranial exposure to the human skin, the environmental contamination and the cronic pulmonary infections, is that the recombination that has been a persistent persistent cure for more than one week, it is obligatory to acute con un neumólogo para hacer estudios de los pulmones.

Además, si el paciente tiene tos persistente, tiene In the case of the pecking of the sanguinolent expectoration, these are the symptoms that have a pensar that has a child and this requires a valorization for a neurologist or an international medical expert.


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