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Previous monetary cone will be valid until Wednesday, December 5th

The vice president of Economic Tareck El Aissami, announced this Friday, November 30, which will be called the old monetary crown until November 5, 2015, called bolívar fuerte.

"On Monday, the BCV will submit a resolution, including the day before Wednesday, December 5, the old monetary crown, called bolívar fuerte, continues to function, that is until Wednesday the previous cone is legal, after Wednesday At six o'clock in the afternoon all residents of a strong bolivar are withdrawn, people can go between mondays and wednesday to see this note, "he said a press conference.

Since August 20, the monetary rejuvenation procedure has introduced the entry of the new monetary know-how, sovereign bolivar, in conjunction with a series of economic measures, including the amendment of ' the minimum wage with the cryopalcidalness that was promoted by the empire. national, petro.

On Thursday, November 29th to 90 days from the beginning of the Economic Recovery Plan, the President of Nicolás Maduro announced the increase of the price of petroleum from 3,600 soybean bolivarne to 9,000 soybean bolivar, making an increase in the salary – that is in the middle of petrol – of 1,800 soybean bolivar to 4,500 sugary bolivars.

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