Tuesday , October 26 2021

Poisonous tea can help reduce the risk of fractures


Beijing. – If you're one of the people you're not most likely to have drink to drink You never have to find it again, including in your diet at least once a day, because a recent study you have left Habitual consumption can lead to a higher niche concentration.

This benefit would have been explained bigger results in womenHelps to reduce the risk of nausea, so do not wait longer and get your cup ready.

Eetteet can help reduce the risk of fractures. Photo: Unsplash

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Although not found on the cause of the association, research was conducted by the Peking University School of Public Health, which daily consumer of green tea and those who have been for over 30 years have Lower rate of fractions. according to your hospitalization. archive

The document on the study was published in the International Journal of International Nutrition and International Osteoporosis published this month.

Eetteet can help reduce the risk of fractures. Photo: Unsplash

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Increase benefits for those who use green tea

Li Liming, a professor who conducted the survey, stated that studying 453,625 people were selected from China 's Kadoorie Biobank, and documents their accounts of hospitals.

Based on their teaser consumption of researchers found that in comparison with those who do not drink tea, daily tecups have a 12% lower risk of fractures. Who has to drink or drink tea for over 30 years have a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of breeding dogs.

She said that the donation was an important issue of public health. Exceptional research also includes a particular association between regular consumption and increased nerve glands among menopausal women.

He said that the prospectively study still requires a substantial problem analysis to get sufficient results that the association has the technical consumption and the custody, in order to influence the technical consumption of other invoices, such as improving concentration and supervision of people.

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