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Pablo Urs: UC cried: Go Retro Dracula!



Ephesians 11: "Put on the armor of God so that you may endure the snare of the devil"

Populism was a dangerous trap to conquer space to widen the dark areas of corruption over the years. Carabobo saw this happen in some way with the malicious tenant of the Capitol, just like any other country. The Capitol decides to occupy the space of our alma mater, caabobeña, for months.

UC is the only institution that could not reach the area. Like all tyrants, he found a wall of gloves of democratic, autonomous principles and values ​​that would be afraid of UCISTAS fearing his own threats and accepting ridicule, whim or whim, but led by rebellion and spirit. Libertarian his college student. So armed with dictatorial power, he began to fry with student leaders, university authorities and other community members.

FCU Attack

The first goal was to capture the University Center League by obedient delegates to the allegations, to dismantle the student movement, to write records with "evidence" from liars, to command persecution, The president of Abg, Br. Iván Uzcategui's police (judiciary) kidnapped. Ramón Bravo, the convent of the University of Carabobo, is a student who has close relationships with students.

He intended to break them up until they handed them the FCU to turn them into satellites of the demolition that destroyed the state. He offered to stop tracking if he passed FCU. Of course, the courage and dignity of young Ivan and Ramon prevented the proposal from being embodied. So today Ivan and Ramon were imprisoned in Plaza Chief 's dungeon with a week kidnapped by the governor. People from the Bulls' regime in captivity preferred a clear example of resistance, imprisoned by politicians and handed over college space and friends.

Rule violation

The charge that the prosecutors handed over to FCU president and soup chef was editorial and fraudulent embezzlement. If, incidentally, the judge denied that he had been convicted of a verdict, Uzcategui and Bravo never refused to continue this process with the Constitution and the freedom defenders established by the COPP, In fact, this police agency made little resistance to the number of rounds that it had made. CICPC was on the phone.

This means there is no risk of escape. Because if they wanted to "escape", today they were not in that dirty dungeon. But there is more. The arrest of our legal system occurs only in cases of punitive crimes, that is, when the defendant is arrested at the time of punishment. As I said, the fact that you have been punished or committed a punishment has not been arrested by a criminal conviction, and criminal punishment is not serious. I repeat that this situation continues through the network with the tenants of Carabobo Capitol (twitter and Instagram) for just months. This shows that there is no division of power and there is much less respect for human rights.

Vampire's Things to Remember

The tenant of the Capitol in Carabobo can think of power as being for life, and a crime that is abusing power (if there is a crime) will be prescribed over time. Forget the anointed one of Dracula. In the case of crimes against humanity, we will never prescribe. Perhaps using his dual nationality will believe he can escape Italy, Spain, Portugal or Andorra. I do not know that international criminal law grants the authority to trace him in a cave that he tries to hide.

In the first exchange, it is very likely that you will prosecute an accomplice who needs to stay in the country (because there is not enough financial resources), and call police, prosecutors and judges. I mean people who did the dirty work that followed the order. An excuse to follow a superior was argued that it can not avoid responsibility as explicitly set out in Article 25 of the Constitution.

Meaning of 14 places UC will feel

Finally, the entire college community asks for the worst of the situation today to face tyranny and defend the University of Carabobo. The risk is obvious. I definitely want to turn it into a meaningless cave. light.

This November 14 UC students have a commitment to history and must reach out to their parents for voting without a machine or CNE. In other words, there is no way to change your will. I ask all graduates who are enrolled in the UC vote to vote at a bad time to avoid the shadows of vampires that Carabobo is flying away from our beloved Alma Mater. Karabobo University: The light of the immortal land!

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